The Shallows


Drama / Horror / Thriller


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nrpool 3 / 10

Quen Canute in a bikini

I can suspend disbelief with the best of them, a shark becomes vengeful towards a human, no problem, an exhausted woman can ride a turbo charged chain to extreme depth, fine, mobile phone coverage on an isolated beach in Mexico, sure, they have great infrastructure.

What I absolutely cannot accept is that high tide does not follow low tide by a little over six hours. It's the same the world over and is invariable. A hot girl in a bikini can persuade me of almost anything, but not that she can change the speed the moon revolves around the earth.

To add to this marine quibble, the story tells us there's 25 minutes to high tide, but the rock she's sitting on is still two feet above the water. Now if she'd been marooned on a rock in the Bristol Channel, where there's a huge tidal range, it's just possible the rock could have been covered 25 minutes later. Of course it's pretty cold, so no bikini, and there aren't any killer sharks, so no tension.

The rest of the film is extremely silly. She should have eaten the bird.

Reviewed by skifloh 2 / 10

2 Stars for the Bird

Blake Lively diving better than a shark, burning water, surfers that go surf without letting anybody know about spot and timing spoiled this movie but the bird was a solid 2 stars. Gotta love a good animal performance. Oh wait, he was animated? Right...

On a serious note probably the worst movie I have seen this year. Some beautiful shots with solid acting but the storyboard is just ridiculous and details such as wrong light for different times in the day are frustrating.

Not worth watching...unless you like watching a bird's wing getting fixed by a med-school dropout. *chirp-chirp*

Reviewed by Zbigniew_Krycsiwiki 8 / 10

For the most part, riveting

I have a couple of issues with this film (occasionally too much CGI, and a weird ending) but for the majority of its brief, 86-minutes-long run, this is a riveting film, exquisitely filmed in the Gold Coast of Australia, about a survivor of a shark attack clinging to life, figuratively and literally, on the side of a rock 200 feet from shore, with the shark still circling the waters.

Normally watered down PG13-rating gives way to some surprisingly grisly bursts of gore, as she tries to suture her wounds with makeshift surgical tools, and a couple of brutal attack scenes.

The film makes the most of a small cast, and Blake Lively carries the film almost entirely herself, spending at least two thirds of the film completely isolated. Well, she's not completely alone, she also has Steven "Sully" Seagull, as himself.

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