The Signal


Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 58%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by robert blau ([email protected]) 6 / 10

An impressive film school exercise but not quite a movie

"Visually arresting, methodically paced, and almost perfectly executed" says another review here. I agree and would add well-acted, produced, and directed. But it still doesn't quite make it as a movie, something with a real story that is effectively delivered and is more than the sum of its strung-together parts. Each scene is fine, but they just seem like a string of episodes rather than a coherent story. One has trouble getting the point and is left somewhat confused and unsatisfied, with the final twist more baffling than impactive. I would say that the words "inchoate" and even "incoherent" can't help but come to mind regarding the film.

Before you write me off as someone who only likes nice linear films where EVERYTHING is made perfectly clear and who can't handle anything unusual, abstract, metaphoric, or different in any way, compare "Signal" to "Dark City", the recent "Under the Skin", and even "THX 1138" (which BTW arguably has a lot of similarities to this one).

Meanwhile, for examples of films that have similar problems as "Signal", see "Citadel" (2012), "Critical Nexus" (2013), and even "Shuttle" (2008) or "Blair Witch Project". I would argue, tho', that most of these, whatever their flaws, are probably more effective at delivering a real story than "Signal". MEANWHILE, to see what a low-budget independent sci-fi movie CAN be, see "Moon" (2009).

Finally, I was just reading a review of "Signal" in which the reviewer mentions another director who started out with a middling low-budget sci-fi film and has gone on to bigger and better accomplishments; he sees similar potential in the director of "Signal". I fully agree. Again, I think "Signal" was impressive and well worth seeing, but doesn't quite make it to the level of a real and effective movie.

Reviewed by elgabote 8 / 10

Great movie, most people are over analysing it

This movie has a slow pace, I know. That doesn't mean it's a bad one. A lot of people are over analysing every scene and image they see in the movie, instead of enjoying a simple story with a lot of photography design. Don't expect a lot of action on it, but do expect amazing photography, immersing atmospheric story, good acting and a few good surprises. One advice I would give is NOT watching the WHOLE TRAILER form the movie. After 1:30 minutes it shows too much and could spoil a lot of surprises. Just trust that the first part is to make contrast with what is coming next. I loved the photography, was the best from the movie by far. The story is good, and it develops interestingly. The acting is good and everyone plays well the parts. Great job, Mr. Eubank!

I definitely recommend to watch this, for all the sci-fi lovers, and especially the ones that appreciate non blockbuster, plastic, cliché movies, and enjoy different ways of doing cinema.

Reviewed by siderite 9 / 10

Finally, originality! Wonderful sci-fi thriller

The movie is a little slow at times, while the plot is not completely explained or even logical sometimes, but other than that, the film is perfect.

What I enjoyed most about the movie is that it is truly original in the way of Monsters or District 9 were. It starts as a hacker movie, continues as an alien encounter movie, goes into government conspiracies, only to turn everything on its head towards the end. While it is clearly a science fiction thriller, it feels more game like than a movie, because you feel immersed in it. The originality and this sensation of being in the story is something I have been missing for years. great job!

I am not going to tell you stuff about the story, because it would either spoil it or give you the wrong impression. You need to watch this film. It is worth it.

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