The Specialist


Action / Crime / Drama / Romance / Thriller

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Sylvester Stallone as Ray Quick
Sharon Stone as May Munro
Eric Roberts as Tomas Leon
James Woods as Ned Trent
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johnnyboyz 4 / 10

A terrible 'action' film that is more accidentally humorous than seriously suspenseful.

Although Stallone was already a big budget Hollywood star with many a title under his belt with Sharon Stone who also had a few films (most noticeably 'Basic Instinct') going for her and James Woods, again, with some reasonably successful outings (most notably in my opinion a 'Simpsons' episode), 'The Specialist' fails to live up to its talent hype and attempt as a film noir come action film.

What struck me upon looking this film up after seeing it was the director. He'd had hardly any experience previous to this film and thinking back to the film itself; it's no wonder it really turned out the way it did. A big budget and a big cast with a screenplay that wasn't terrible probably demanded a bigger and better director. I could kick around a few names like 'John Woo' but I won't get too into that.

Fatally, The Specialist doesn't do right what it's supposed to do right. The camera work is bad (I actually spotted one instance of camera shake in this film), the fight scenes are poorly choreographed and badly executed, the dialogue is a bit iffy at best and is rather clichéd at times and the stereotypes of Colombian drug lords are laughable. With the action scenes, the extras just sit up waiting to be hit and are poorly put together in a way that you can see Stallone's next move as he wins the punch-up from a beaten position. The dialogue put across via the recorded phone messages feels forced and they snap back at one another too quickly. The character played by Rod Stieger is a little too stereotypical and his pronunciation of the word 'you' like 'jew' can only be taken seriously for so long before a serious scene involving intense dialogue is broken up by a smirk here and there.

What makes the film also rather cheesy is the editing at some points. Early on in the film, a character threatens Stallone at knife point and asks him a question. Cut to a reaction shot of a silent Stallone and immediately, the character asks the question again – not even giving Stallone the time it takes to blink to reply. This was very noticeable and good editing, as they say, is un-noticeable. One other incident is where Stallone sneaks up on a pistol wielding guard during a hotel evacuation and knocks him out from behind in the lobby area. We keep on the same camera and pan as he runs away. From this, we see that for the entire time, people (extras) have been running right past, merely feet from the assault and don't even batter an eyelid at what just happened as Stallone runs off in the OPPOSITE direction.

Every action film has its effects and this films' was poor. The blatant blue screen effect of the water getting closer and closer via the window as the suite breaks off the side of the hotel and falls to the sea as a guy waves frantically at the camera crashing towards him without trying to get away really brought out a long shake of the head from me. The fact when one of the bombs went off in the room, one guy fell down before the other was also laughable. These are the action scenes of the film and should be suspenseful and nerve-wracking – not humorous, instead.

If you're looking for a decent Stallone action-based film from the mid-nineties, avoid this and see 'Assassins' instead. That film's particularly large cast rivals this one and the direction and script are a lot better.

Reviewed by Michael Daly ([email protected]) 7 / 10

Hardly Stallone's worst, but it's not worth mentioning.

The Specialist may not be great cinema, but it does offer some good bang-bang explosives action and also some interesting characters.

Sly Stallone is a former CIA-attached Army explosives expert, Raymond Quick, skilled at focus detonations that blow up certain areas while leaving surrounding areas unharmed. In 1984 he and his partner, Ned Trent, must blow up a bridge frequented by a Columbian drug lord, but a civilian bus enters as the explosives are set to go off. When Trent callously goes through with the mission, Ray disarms the bombs, then beats up Trent before having him discharged from the Agency.

Ten years later Trent now works as security chief for a Miami mafia chief who years earlier had a former underling named Munro killed - in front of the man's daughter, May. May Munro now wants her parents' killers blown up, and she wants Ray Quick for the job. Ray is initially reluctant, believing it to be a setup, but eventually accepts, and starts blowing up the three thugs responsible one by one.

But it is a setup - May Munro is in reality working for Trent, who is using her very real desire for revenge to smoke out Ray. Quick, though, is too smart for Trent's traps - until Ray and May's passion heats up ad Trent gets the break he needs to finish off the both of them.

The film's highlights are James Woods' over-the-top performance, the explosion scenes, and also John Barry's haunting score, fleshed out by Gloria Estefan's garish cover of Vicki Sue Robison's 1970s disco classic "Turn The Beat Around."

Reviewed by Lex van Schagen ([email protected]) 8 / 10

Some more support

Although I'm not really a Sly-fan I found this movie highly entertaining and it made me laugh quite a lot. I totally agree with the comment of bensonl who, in my opinion understands the value of entertainment. Right you are, mate! I think it's silly to look for a good plot (is there one?) in an action flick like this. Anyway, who cares? If you're in for a plot go see 'Usual Suspects', I'd say.

By the way, if you're being led by all the negative comments, you'll miss the chance of (yet again) seeing Sharon without clothes.....mmmm! 8 out of 10 to push up the score.

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