The Stranger


Action / Thriller

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Erica Cerra as Grace Bishop
Steve Austin as The Stranger
Adam Beach as Mason Reese
Dalila Bela as Granddaughter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gtz-28 6 / 10

Not the best for Steve Austin...

Well the film was okay... I cant say it was the best action movie I've ever seen but it was okay. Its a shame that Steve gets put into a films with a good script but pretty bad directing. As always the action parts of the movie had Steve doing his wrestling against guys with guns and so on.

I still think its a must see to all those action loving people out there, but there's not much to look forward to. Most action movies nowadays are always pretty much the same old stuff you've seen 1000 times before. I personally enjoyed Steve Austin in "The Condemned" because that film was very original and had a lot of parts that I will always remember.

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 4 / 10

Ehm, alright then...

First of, I am going to clearly state that I am not a fan of Steven Austin's acting, though this movie was less tolerable than the movie "The Condemned".

Well, this movie didn't all together suck. It had a fairly average story. I sat through the entire movie, and was waiting for something big to happen. It sort of seems like the story wants to take on a bit too much at one time, and it doesn't come together fully throughout the movie. There was a relative good pace to the plot, and lots of action and fighting.

However, the acting in the movie was mediocre at best. And here I am clearly hinting at Austin's performance.

If you like action movies and you like Steve Austin, fine, go for this movie. But if you want action and doesn't really care about Austin, then you might be better off picking another movie entirely. There are lots of other actions movies out there, and far better ones as well.

Reviewed by olivermartin809 7 / 10

solid story and acting, not so much for the directors ability

The stranger is a good solid film with an enjoyable story however the cinematography and direction is poor to say the least, in fact the opening scene almost put me completely off, you need to allow 15 or so minuets to get into the film. this film doesn't really have that many big action set pieces and is more concerned with telling a mysterious tale than getting our adrenaline racing. Flashbacks abound as snippets of memory keep darting through Austins head, mostly centered on his wife and daughter apparently being killed while he's mixed up in some dangerous sting operation. We're teased with such scenes numerous times during the film as much of Austins struggle is more internal than external. But while it's not that hard to piece much of it together ourselves, it's interesting to watch the characters slowly unravel the secrets of Austins identity and discover a few other startling surprises as well. All actors put in a good performance most notably Austin in his third leading role its clear that if he takes the right career path and keeps giving these kind of performance he should soon be a star of the silver screen. this is not an action film. overall a good watch just a shame about the director.

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