The Sunset Limited


Action / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Darren DeBari ([email protected]) 10 / 10

The Sunset is not Limited

Two men trapped in a room with their opposing beliefs. The words of Cormac McCarthy. The direction of Tommy Lee Jones. The powerhouse combination of Samuel L. Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones. Two actors. One room. Big Ideas. Emotions run high. The essence of Drama is Conflict.

This 90 minute look at two men's opposing beliefs is strong and will resonate with the viewer long after it is over. It's the story of a man who wants to end his life and another man who wants to save it. What rings true is the direction of Tommy Lee Jones. It gels so well with the words of Cormac McCarthy.

These two actors gel even better making it all the richer. Jackson has the flashier role where Jones plays his complexly understated. If any actor could raise your heart rate by talking it's Sam Jackson. His character's belief in God is sincere and matched with Jones's dark, realistic view of the world.

Speaking of realistic-Don't go looking for a neat ending. This film stays true to it's subject matter and these actors stay even truer to their characters. Jones, as a student of theater and literature, knows as a director to let the words live and breathe. Because he does Jackson and him make a monument out of two chairs and a table in a small room. This sunset is anything but limited.

Reviewed by Yassine Guennoun ([email protected]) 9 / 10

A deep movie, for a specific genre of viewers

It's a debate about the meaning of Life. a mind blowing movie for specific viewers. If you don't like films depending only on dialog .. Don't bother watching it! (I mean movies like "The Man from Earth").

On the other hand, if you are interested in Philosophy, that maybe the movie of your dreams.

This film is also a fight between two of my favorite actors ..the superb Tommy Lee Jones and the furious Samuel L. Jackson.

I loved every second of the film, and I'm really looking forward to watch it again very soon.

P.S: If you are going to watch it, please sit down and focus because the movie requires a lot of attention to every discussion.

Reviewed by Jonas Jiang 10 / 10

Touched like never before

I'm 24, live in Sweden and I consider myself rather cultural. I have a big interest in movies, music, photography and such. In that context I have seen a lot of movies.

This is the first movie that have ever made me cry.

My fantasy was running wild during the hole 1½ hour, and I wish it would have never ended. I had thoughts and ideas about the outside world, the characters and I lived in the movie like never before. I wanted so many things to happen so badly like it was happening to me. The dialog blew me away and I have never seen acting that good.

Best movie I have ever seen.

p.s. I am an atheist. and still am.

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