The Taking


Action / Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tiki_Man 1 / 10

Incomprehensible mess

If you enjoy watching a lot of shots of the sun partially hidden by trees over and over this movie is for you! Lots and lots of the same shot repeating over and over.

There is no dramatic structure at all to this film. The filmmakers (if you can call them that) sprinkle in some actors running through the woods screaming, running into houses screaming, and driving their cars screaming. Yes this movie has a lot of sporadic yelling, dissolves, freeze frames, and I do not have a clue what it is all about.

It's got some really weird sound design, I think the sound editor fell in love with a 'pitch control' plug in.

I usually don't care for films that drive the narrative through dialogue, but the complete lack of narrative structure here is ridiculous. Visually it's a complete mess. The films of Stan Brackhage and Matthew Barney are more comprehensible. It's just a film with a bunch of actors covered in fake blood walking around the woods or bound to a tree, and did I say lots and lots of freeze frames, dissolves and the same shot of the sun hidden partially by trees? They also slapped in a disembodied voice saying 'Carl' over and over for good measure.

In stead of Horror it should have been categorized as just plain Horrible.

Reviewed by Shizuka 1 / 10

Please stop, I can't take it any more.

Two people go into the woods and of course meet some psychos who want to....

Wait, you say, haven't I seen this a thousand times before?

Yes you have, but never as bad as this crap made by people with no talent whatsoever.

This is one of those "movies" (I call it a "movie" but it's not really a "movie") where everybody involved really sucks.

There is absolutely NOTHING good about this epic fail.

It wouldn't even qualifiy for all the YouTube sites where they make fun of movies by commenting on their crappiness while watching them.

Reviewed by Sofian Charbaux 1 / 10

So doge, wow, so amaze, such honesty, please stop

The two first troll reviews made my day seriously. This movie is not even worth downloading or watching stream, just burn all the original copies of it and throw the ashes in a pit in the middle of a desert.

Stop making movies like this, thank you, just by watching the trailer i knew this movie would be a joke filmed with a potato and carrots actors.

Wasted 9 minutes of my life on this majestic blaspheme to the art of cinematography.


Seriously, i can't even breath anymore, this is too funny, reading the two first comments bellow make this while thing a pure joke, i really hope for them these are troll comments and not member of the production of this Potato movie trying to make it look good even if they won't food anyone. Certainly not IMDb community. :')

Garlic Bread -laugh-

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