The Taking of Deborah Logan


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 47%
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Anne Ramsay as Sarah Logan
Michelle Ang as Mia Medina
Jill Larson as Deborah Logan
Ryan Cutrona as Harris
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fclermont777 5 / 10

Turn the damn light on!

You know when you watch a movie and you constantly yell at the characters because they do everything wrong? Yeah, this movie is one of those.

Here's the premise: A group of people get to film an old lady in the struggle of an early diagnosed Alzheimer's disease. Her behavior is getting worse really fast, but it seems something else is going on with her, something evil...

Jill Larson is the best actress in the movie. She really nails her character. Anne Ramsay follows, then the rest of the acting is okay I guess.

Now, the problem with this movie is mainly about rational behavior of the characters. You know, when you are looking for someone confused in the house, it works better with the lights on. But here noooo, that wouldn't be scary enough. The group could also make sure to tell her they are coming and are looking for her, but it feels like they are almost hiding from her. Then when we find the lost lady or something scary, we also get a bonus unrelated scary sound, to make sure the jump scares are effective.

Some scenes can get pretty exciting sometimes, but don't hope to find anything extraordinary with this movie, you'd be disappointed. If you're looking for a barely decent found footage/mockumentary flick, you can give this one a chance. Just don't think too much about logic in this movie, because it is pretty much inexistent.

Reviewed by DinosaurAct86 6 / 10

Genuinely terrifying, but flawed

The Taking of Deborah Morgan, as you must have gathered by now, is a faux-documentary that begins as a sort of record of deterioration. I can think of no better word than "deterioration", since Deborah Morgan falls apart both mentally and physically over the course of the film. You'll find yourself unnerved and saddened by Deborah's confused states and struggles as she loses her memories to what appears to be Alzheimer's Disease. Of course, things take a sinister turn as the crew cataloging the disease's progression begin to see and hear unexplainable phenomena.

The first half of the film is genuinely terrifying, and had me in suspense.It is the film's second half, which I will not divulge here, that was a bit of a letdown. I really wanted to give the film a higher score, but I couldn't come up with more than a 6. All I will say is this: A horror film with a unique premise and a lot of promise gradually works its way back into the clichés of jump-scare Hollywood.

However, I would be remiss if I did not commend the film for its portrayal of three major female characters (who really carry the film)--a Ph. D. student, a troubled daughter, and Deborah herself-- each one fairly layered and driven by palpable human motivations. The whole "freaked-out, over-sexed bimbo" schtick gets old.

Reviewed by kuronox 9 / 10

Solid stuff

One of the best horror movies from the last few years. The "horror" genre tag was missing from the IMDb page when I first looked it up (right before I saw it) so I really didn't know what I was getting into - although it was pretty obvious that it would be a horror flick due to the cover picture, but you never know.

The story was well written. It was very clever how they incorporated Alzheimer's disease into the story - well, they didn't "incorporate" it - the disease is the main story, but it was very clever how they made it into a horror movie - the disease is very scary in and of itself.

I have to admit that the acting was a bit iffy, but it became negligible toward the middle of the movie due to the intensity of the story. And Jill Larson gave a stellar performance.

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