The Transporter Refueled


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Ed Skrein as Frank Martin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Aubrey Kloppers 1 / 10

Chiclets for teeth actor and dysfunctional action scenes!

Camille Delmarre needs to get fired and get his job back at McDonalds! Who ever allowed Ed Skrein to play the lead in this is off his head, but I suspect it was his mother. It looks like he was hit in the teeth from the inside and then some... His acting (If you can call it that) is flat and he only has the same look on his face (like he has seen ... for the first time!). The fake hoarseness he carries in his voice is oh-just-so-laughable!

Come on Hollywood, if you want to do a reboot of a franchise like this, please do not do it with 3rd rate actors!!!

OK, now the action scenes, THE EDITOR, Julien Rey, NEEDS TO GET HIS HEAD OUT HIS ...! There is no continuation in the scenes and then he slows the video down JUST TO SHOW YOU HOW DYSFUNCTIONAL HE CAN MAKE IT!!!

If you have some time to spare, rather get your eyes poked with forks until you have no further need to see this atrocity.

As an afterthought, I find the plot (I will not go into the holes in this one) totally unbelieving. Prostitution and revenge? Never heard of it!

Laughable, disappointing and just outright stupid!

Reviewed by Johan Dondokambey 4 / 10

A flat and bland one for an action movie

It's sad to see this movie flop this bad, really. It really had the huge risk of at least deliver something equivalent of the original trilogy. But doing this movie without any of the previous trilogy's creative minds is really a big mistake. The people behind the creative process for this movie clearly didn't know what they were doing. They only tried so hard to recreate the Jason Statham's Frank Martin persona with the mannerisms and the unique fight sequences. But in doing so they really pitted Ed Skrein with the old Jason Statham performance, on which everyone can really choose who's the winner. Not having Jason Statham is by itself a big burden due to Ed Skrein still fails to live up to the Statham persona. The story also seems very flat, nothing new or unpredictable is being offered by this movie. And the biggest sin is the editing.there are so many editing mistakes that takes away the fun in watching the action scenes. The acting overall is so bad that I don't deign to write about each actors' performances.

Reviewed by quincytheodore 3 / 10

No need for refueling, should've gone straight to junkyard

While Jason Statham might not possess incredible acting, he's a great fit for Transporter. He looks suave and confident, more importantly he looks capable in action sequences. Ed Skrein only amounts to carbon copy lookalike with accent.

Considering it's now stuck with poorly edited choreography for the scuffle, there's barely a trail of usual high octane ride. However, the worst offender is the awful script, bordering on cheap fantasy or softcore porn, the fact that it quotes The Three Musketeers so often is a literature travesty.

A group of prostitutes concocts a ridiculously intricate plan to topple their mafia boss. The Transporter is caught up in the struggle and forced to help them. Story relies on blind luck, coincidences, characters' stupidity and baseless arbitrary events. In other words, it's a complete and utter mess. Forget coherency or plausibility, the movie plays by its own faulty logic.

Unfortunately, the usual captivating fights or engaging chases are nowhere to be found. The movie opts for terrible editing and epileptic camera work instead. It's actually sad that the quirky yet brutal fighting scenes are replaced with such poor production. At the very least previous Transporters' fight is over-the-top fun, this is just confusingly bland.

Script is so awful, almost everything they say sound like 80's macho gibberish, one-liner from porn parody or silly used car commercial. I've high tolerance for cheesy lines, but when the characters literally pose for camera every five minutes to utter these insanely ludicrous lines, it's not even funny anymore.

Like before, Transporter must have damsel-in-distress, now it thinks a group of these attractive ladies would replace narrative. Audience might get juvenile guilty pleasure from the these blond short bob misses with minimal dress or a couple of nifty chases, but these gimmicks are shallow and the best they could do is slightly boost the movie rating if one is generous enough in reviewing it.

With the amount of plot holes and poor choreography it must go through, the end product is unrecognizable wreckage.

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