The Trotsky


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Jay Baruchel as Leon Bronstein
Emily Hampshire as Alexandra Leith
Kaniehtiio Horn as Caroline
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by reneweddan 8 / 10

Boredom or Apathy?

The Trotsky is a teen-comedy with a hint of Goodbye Lenin's political satire and Charlie Bartlett's humour/plot. Although some of the acting seems mediocre, I enjoyed the film.

You don't need to understand the biography of Leon Trotsky, it explains it in a subtle way that is enough to enjoy the film, but doing research beforehand might be a decent idea.

Don't take this film too seriously, just enjoy it for what it is. It isn't like a normal film, it's sort of a modern teen-comedy about revolting against injustice, although the injustice is rather insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

Well-done, worth watching, but only if you have an open mind and enjoy quirky films about adolescent injustice.

Reviewed by DarthVoorhees 10 / 10

Semi-Permanent Revolution

I loved 'The Trotsky' it is the kind of teen comedy we seldom get, one that acknowledges the hardships of being a teenager but that is also very funny and intelligent. Teens aren't stupid and it seems that many screenwriters think they are. 'The Trotsky' is as much a story about adolescences as it is about teenage brand Bolshevism.

Leon Bronstein believes he is the reincarnation of the great hero of the October Revolution Leon Trotsky. I'm sold. It's a brilliant premise and it's execution is seamless. Director Jacob Tierney asks the audience to take a leap of faith. Leon is so convinced of his lineage that he pursues a woman named Alexandra who is ten years older than him because Trotsky did so. This relationship is tricky but I think what makes it work is Jay Baruchel's utmost commitment to the role. He does appear very childlike and this is essential to the brilliance of the story. The teen years are hard and in his uncertainty he turns to Trotsky, the brilliant hero of Bolshevism who was bold and conquered history. Bronstein is questioned about the unsavory details of Trotsky's life such as his infamous murder with the 'ice pick'. The way Baruchel responds is so brilliant, he thinks of Trotsky's life as an adventure which he gets to live through. The way Baruchel delivers this line is funny, uplifting, and even a little sweet. Bronstein wants the whole package; even to the point where he asks a classmate if he is "my Stalin". By all means Leon Bronstein is the kind of character we would expect to be beaten up by cliche jocks but the approach by both Tierney and Baruchel is to create a character driven by passion. Bronstein believes he is Trotsky to the point where others are dragged into his fantasy and I think this satisfies some of the more questionable elements of the script.

Not knowing about the Russian Revolution will not hurt your appreciation of the film but it is much funnier if you have some idea about what went down. Tierney has done his homework and the film can become a great inside joke for anyone the least bit familiar with Soviet history.

Reviewed by Tracy Allard 9 / 10

Not Just Another Teen Movie

I went to see the film with no preconceived notions, having read no reviews and seen no previews, other than the one-liner in the newspaper.

I laughed very often during this hour and a half, in a good sense. Maybe it's because I'm an iconoclast, and I love political conversations in general but I thoroughly enjoyed the film, from the very first moment to the very end.

Youth today are often accused of being apathetic and this is a recurring theme here. Other than the fact that the main character seems a bit loopy, he remains adorable and not cartoonish as the other commentator posted.

On comparing this teenage flic with others, as a mature adult, I must say I liked this 10x more than even the best teenage flics, save one or two, such as Juno. The director refrains from delving TOO deeply in politics and drama, BECAUSE it's a teen flic. IMO the exact right amount of political insight was included.

Other than the main character, we get to see a distinct progression in the students' level of interest and involvement in their own destinies. This, even more than apathy, may be our society's greatest challenge, to allow youth to take part in the political game, in order that youth may sense that there IS hope for our future.

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