The True Cost


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Reviewed by justsayinme 10 / 10

An absolute must see for consumers

It's really an eye opener to the secrets behind the clothing industry. In fact the western corporates and consumers have blood on their hands by choosing to stay ignorant about the clothing and food industry. It's sickening how these "happy commercials of lush beauty and nice clothes" are use to fool the world and making it worse and worse for out planet and third world people....SEE THIS AND THINK AGAIN!

Never ever will you buy your clothes without thinking about where it's coming from and what role it played in the environment and the workers behind these clothes. I hope people will start opening their eyes with this documentary

Reviewed by Leftbanker 10 / 10

The True Cost of Looking Good: Modern Day Slavery

Prepare to be horrified and shamed at what is required for those of us in the West to wear what we wear. This eye-opening documentary shows every aspect of the fashion industry from the cotton crop to the landfills where all of our style ends up. We need more films like this to educate the public on the consequences of our rapacious consumerist lifestyle in the West.

After seeing the slave factories where much of our clothing is made the words "sweat shop" seem woefully inadequate to describe these horrible fixtures of modern capitalism.

What an absolutely appalling lack of empathy by those in this film defending the deplorable working conditions of many clothing industry workers. I just wish that we could make these creeps work for one month in one of these hell-holes. We literally fought in the streets in the last century to end that kind of exploitation of workers and the apologists in this film want us to simply accept this now as the inexorable march of globalism. The problem is that we will allow this same exploitation again in our own countries soon enough and we'll be right back in the middle ages again before you know it.

Reviewed by Ruca Ashraf 9 / 10

The Cost of Consuming

Warning: This Movie Review Contains Spoilers

The True Cost

Directed and Written By: Andrew Morgan

Stars: Stella McCartney, Livia Firth, Vandana Shiva, Safia Minney, Richard Wolff. Orsola De Castro, Rick Ridgeway, Tim Kasser, Tansy Hoskins, John Hilary, Guido Brera

An accurate honest view that is sadly appalling. Did not know the pain and suffering is ongoing and to that extent. The news rarely covers this issue and it appears every now and then as if it is an accident that is unexpected not ignored.

This movie is an eye-opener to a world that's so well hidden through wonderful advertising of glossy magazine and glamorous celebrities. It is so easy to turn a blind eye when it is not affecting us because we do not know we want to feel as if we are living the life regardless of what it does to anyone else.

Had we known it was to that extent and people in the sourcing business and these big brands and advertising agencies truly may not know? This is heavy on the heart because all of what is said in the movie is true. For example, When Livia Firth Eco-fashion activist, stated about us the consumers being taken for a ride with this fast fashion and we spend the money thinking we're rich because we buy a lot but we are becoming poorer. We earn that money to get those things for people we don't like it's funny how silly we take money and clothes for granted.

Seeing these people work under these harsh conditions and being beaten it is slavery because they have no other options and a lawsuit cannot be claimed because it is voluntary and these brands are not directly associated with these horrible factories.

A Fair trade company, 'People Tree' is another alternative solution to purchase affordable, Eco- friendly fashion that had workers work from a proper 9-5 not 7 till God knows when all day everyday for about 2 cents an hour it is ridiculous. We cannot complain these people hustle and stay humble and try to be happy with nothing and some of us say we're depressed and have everything.

This movie could have perhaps added more about brands that are involved in fair trade fashion and these unhealthy factories. Plus, telling us how to get involved in helping people in Bangladesh, Cambodia and China would have been sufficient. I love this movie's message about fashion with a conscious and that we should balance the divide because the people who make these clothes deserve better than this they must lead a life similar to ours; it is unfair.

Justice must happen and a movement must take place more stronger than this so this movie is a beautiful step towards a more enlightened future. This movie shed light on a hidden issue that is brutal behind a beautiful business. A bitter reality of how someone in power can treat people in a vulgar manner. This movie's initiative is incredible. Its brutal honesty about the fashion industry is fully appreciated. Andrew Morgan should make more and more documentaries

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