The Truman Show


Action / Comedy / Drama / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 94%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 88%
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Jim Carrey as Truman Burbank
Natascha McElhone as Lauren / Sylvia
Laura Linney as Meryl Burbank / Hannah Gill
Paul Giamatti as Control Room Director
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mie_bie 1 / 10

One of The Most "Meaningful" Movies Human Ever Made!!! (Limited-release) **100% Record by Full HD TV**

The movie about the tragic destiny of a guy who has a life only appears on TV screen (?) that thing made the movie meaningless since it started!

If you ask me: "Whether this movie can attractive for audience?" - Yes, just the beginning and you will regret if you watching the movie; because some reasons:

First of all, a movie is completely dependent on the protagonist but really I think his face does-not-fit his role-play!

Secondly, actors must be fighting to win their role play so that some scenes in the movie, I find it really unnatural and nonsense;

Third, the main character smiles every scene through this film hence it looks like he's showing off his-white-teeth;

Fourth, the film abuse of many the mirror scenes and close-up shootings made me have to go crazy... I'm disappointed, and the end of the movie can not be any worse: the main character just show his teeth one again!

Although the film owns a unique story-line, creative but thanks-to some unnecessary nonsense details appear regular make this movie becoming mess up, meaningless!

0/10 -- Without thinking, this is truly a stupid movie about stupid people! For sure I hate all everything about this movie and I decided never-watch-it-again!

Reviewed by Rosemea D.S. MacPherson 10 / 10

Finally a movie that makes us think

When I was a young adult on the search for my true self, religion and God; I found myself reading all kinds of books such as: Demian, Sidarta, Brave New World, 1984, the works of Jean Paul Sartre and Simone de Bolvoir. The world of Truman Burbank certainly took me back to those days. I used to look at myself in the mirror and say out loud: "I wonder if I am me? I wonder if everybody thinks the same shade of red when I say red? Why was I born? Why are my parents my parents? Why did God create the world? Will I get punished by God for thinking all these things?" This is a deep movie, bound to become an art film. Jim Carey did such a superb job that it earned him a Golden Globe Award. This is definitely an Oscar contender. It made me think! What a suprise! Movies do not make me think very often. They are predictable to me now. Could it be age?

When the lady comes on the bike with the basket, then the dog and then the yellow Volkswagen it reminded me of how repetitive life seems at times, when we think that nothing is going to change and we want changes. The Director was like God, the creator, although at times he was a mean guy, I think that all of us have questioned God and have been angry at him. Truman's world seemed so "perfect", no messy hair, no trash. Just phony! Our world seems much like that, everything is a matter of perception.

The audience that watched the Truman Show in the movie was a hedonistic audience of consumers who wanted to be entertained no matter what the cost to Truman, reminded me of the soaps, of the Paparazzi, of how we like to know about the celebrities, and ultimatly of how the product could be the death of someone such as Princess Diana, or Truman Burbank.

Purchase the video and watch it many times and many other symbols will come to mind. Like Jim Carey stated while he received the Golden Globe that he would enjoy it down to the crunchy chewy part.

Reviewed by kingoham5 10 / 10

A True American Classic

When I first saw 'The Truman Show' I came out of the theatre amazed. This is your first clue that you are watching something different from your normal Jim Carrey movie. I love the dialogue, camera shot, performances, direction, music, and running time of this movie. There is nothing I would do to change it. I came away from 'The Truman Show' feeling inspired which is the goal of good filmmaking Jim Carrey was outstanding as Truman, underplaying him, not making him too comic or too dramatic, but giving true sincerity when asked. He deserved an Oscar nomination. Ed Harris has always been a good actor, but in this movie he's a great actor. He plays Christof with such arrogance and bullheadedness that you don't know whether he's helping or destroying Truman. He and the director, Peter Weir, deserved their Oscar nods.

Weir, who directed the great 'Witness', uses different camera angles to make you feel like you're actually watching 'The Truman Show' and not a movie. He ends it before you get tired of the concept and helped Carrey and Harris give immaculate performances. Andrew Niccol script is a real star in the movie too because of it's inventiveness and ingenuity. Overall, 'The Truman Show' is what I like to call a true American classic.

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