The Undefeated


Action / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 17%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 66%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 4641


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John Wayne as Colonel John Henry Thomas
Rock Hudson as Colonel James Langdon
Jan-Michael Vincent as Bubba Wilkes
Lee Meriwether as Margaret
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by carlwilcox 8 / 10

Underrated and watchable western with some originality.

Saw this film around 30 years ago. At that time I thought it just a fairly formulaic star vehicle, bringing together the grizzled, typical Wayne cowboy character with someone who was a newer and - at the time -a really big name in Rock Hudson. Seeing it anew in 2007, I realise my earlier estimate was too dismissive by far. It has a good plot with many original aspects, well described already on the web-site by earlier reviewers, especially the linkage of US civil war with events happening at the same time in Mexico. Not being a huge fan, ordinarily, of either of the main stars, it has to be said they both turn in good performances and are fully believable as leaders whom other men would naturally follow, and who inspire fierce loyalties. The dialogue has a few unexpectedly good lines and is generally above average standard. The stars play it light-heartedly, and this gives the film warmth, colour and humour. Some aspects of the film, admittedly, conform to the hackneyed Wayne cowboy film recipe, such as the free-for-all fist fight, but in general the film stands up well nearly 40 years after it was made, and it has held on to a much more modern feel than other Wayne westerns. The musical score just about carries enough grandeur to match the action and the occasionally majestic cinematography, especially the scenes involving the drive across country of a few thousand horses. Any film-lover who enjoys the more upmarket western should give this film a try. The nearly two hours pass quickly, and it's a film to make you think (about the nature of war against your fellow countrymen, about loyalty, friendship and heroism) and escapist enough to make you smile.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10

Two mighty stars, Wayne and Hudson, in a Mexican adventure during the Maximilian-Juarez war

This moving western has Yankee colonel Henry Thomas (John Wayne) joining forces with Confederate official named Langdon (Rock Hudson), during the post-Civil War and in Mexican territory . Wayne tries to sell wild horses to the French military in Mexico and Hudson leading a wagon train to Durango . Both colonels battling it out toe to toe and side by side across 2000 miles of thundering adventure . They feared no one , Juarista rebels , cut-throat bandits, the armies of Maximilian, as they challenged an angry land and each other . The two big men with reckless courage clash and nothing can match them ,the big men ride and nothing can stop them . Through a thousand dangers and a thousand thrills they fight their glorious way to destiny , conquering desert , risks , savage outlaws , and enemy soldiers.

This agreeable Western packs adventures , silly romance , action , shootouts and historical events about American Civil War and Mexican war between Emperor Maxilimilian and Juaristas . Casting is frankly good, the legendary John Wayne , Rock Hudson . Before filming began, John Wayne had to lose most of the weight he had put on in order to play Rooster Cogburn in True grit (1969). According to director Andrew V. McLaglen, his first choice for the role of Colonel James Langdon was James Arness, who was willing to do it but backed out just before shooting began ; Rock Hudson was brought in as his replacement . John Wayne became good friends during the shoot with Rock Hudson and even joked that he'd rather have been born with Hudson's movie star face than his own. Magnificent plethora of secondaries , as usual John Ford's actors , Ben Johnson, Bruce Cabot, John Agar, Harry Carey Jr , among others . Furthermore , ordinary cameraman William H Clothier (Cheyemne Autumm , Man who shot Liberty Valance , Horse soldiers) who creates a luminous and colorful cinematography . Lively and evocative musical score by Hugo Montenegro . The motion picture was well directed by Andrew V. McLagen , a known Ford's disciple . He's a Western expert (McLintock, Shenandoah, Bandolero, Chisum , Cahill , Way west) and warlike genre craftsman (Return to Kai, Wild Geese , Sea Wolves). Rating : acceptable and passable. The movie will appeal to Wayne and Hudson die-hard fans.

Reviewed by Pro Jury 10 / 10

Not perfect, but exceptionally watchable

John Wayne and Rock Hudson play off each other with confidence and style in this fine movie western.

THE UNDEFEATED endlessly frames its two super-popular movie stars from low camera angles and often adds perfect blue skies above and picturesque western vistas in deep focus behind. Both in full command of the camera, regal, standing straight and tall -- here John Wayne and Rock Hudson live forever larger than life. THE UNDEFEATED is pure hero worship eye candy!

Although the story is rather flawed, everything else is A+. The music is among the best of bold western movie scores. The direction as noted above is respectful to the picture's two great American icons. It is not perfect, but THE UNDEFEATED is an exceptionally fun movie to watch.

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