The Veil


Action / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 23%
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Jessica Alba as Maggie Price
Thomas Jane as Jim Jacobs
Aleksa Palladino as Karen Sweetzer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by crdnlsyn13 7 / 10

I was ready to slam this...

...But, when all was said and done, I just couldn't. Could it have been better? Yes. Was it as bad as others here have written? No. I think the reason people here have given it a bad review, is that it IS lacking in some respects, however, it's an interesting story, original in it's execution. It's filmed beautifully, for a horror film. My kudos to the Cinematographer, it looks amazing.

I think most people now a days want their ghost stories to have more 'jump scares' and less 'story' and THAT'S why it's getting bad reviews. If they were more familiar with Rod Serling, or had seen some of the Hammer Film movies, they'd appreciate this one more.

This movie takes the typical 'abandoned cabin in the woods' story to an entirely different area, tying into 'true events' and putting a solid twist ending to good use.

I rated it a 7-10 because I think what this movie really needed was MORE Thomas Jane, and maybe some John Carpenter-esque sound tracks, but over all I enjoyed this movie more than I expected it to.

Reviewed by elizrug 7 / 10

I'm hard to please and I liked this

I am the biggest critic of horror films. If there's just one thing that doesn't seem right, I automatically dislike a film. I really liked this, though.

It has a unique story, one that hasn't been touched upon very often: scary cults. It has a good cast who all work well together. There's not too much crappy dialogue, like the ubiquitous "Die you f-ing b****!" that is found in a lot of movies. (I've never understood how someone, who is fighting for their life, could be thinking of screaming cuss words at an attacker, and I curse like a truck driver.) I'm not a huge fan of Jessica Alba but this role worked for her.

The scares were a success. I jumped a couple of times.

Overall I think it's a very good scary movie. Is it Oscar-worthy? No, but that's not why I watched it.

Reviewed by Thanos Alfie 5 / 10

Only Jessica Alba...

"The Veil" is a Horror movie in which we watch a documentary crew going to a house where 25 years before members of a religious cult committed a mass suicide.From this suicide only one person saved and this lone survivor accepted to be a part of this crew.

This movie is the definition of one woman's movie. The plot is not something special and the direction which made by Phil Joanou is also not something that worth to be mentioned. Because of the low budget of this movie the result is a medium type of movie. With only one famous actor playing, Jessica Alba they tried to convince people of watching it. The interpretation of Jessica Alba who played as Maggie Price was not so good and of course was not something that I expected.

Finally I have to say that "The Veil" is a poor movie and is not worth watching it because there plenty of other better horror movies to watch if you want. Now if you are a fan of Jessica Alba and you want to watch this movie just be prepared for the worst because you are going to be let down for sure.

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