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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by homdeb1058 5 / 10

Wait am I in the Right Theater?

The thing I found out (to my dismay) that I did not know before going to the theater was that a lot of this movie was shot in the long over-used and abused "home movie/shaky cam" format. If I had come in the theater in the middle of the movie, I might have assumed I had accidentally wandered into the 7th, or whatever, sequel to Paranormal Activity. And to add insult to injury M Night is about 8 years late to the party for that trick. Or was it suppose to be some type of irony or mocking of the standard horror movie fare? Perhaps this once creative director has finally succumbed to audience expectations --if all you want is cookie cutter, unimaginative, thematically barren, shaky cam, scary movies then here you go......

Another let down for me was that in his earlier movies there were always a number of positive sub-themes running through the movies that I found as interesting, if not more so, than the obvious scary movie theme. I failed to find any such redeeming parallel plot lines in The Visit. Again maybe he is just simplifying his movies to match his audience's wishes.

On the upside, I did find this movie to be something of an improvement over his most recent efforts. There were a few good chuckles. There were a couple of OK jump scenes. There was some tension here and there, but overall still a disappoint for me.

Of course, I eventually liked The Village and Signs a lot better after I had watched them several times on DVD. Maybe there is a jewel in the rough hiding here, just waiting to be found. Rating a 5.5 of 10 on first impression though.

Reviewed by gvalluri 10 / 10

The Night we knew and loved is finally back.

Well that took a while but I can now say that he is back. I think this is the kind of film where he thrives– low budget, small and intimate domestic settings and a smaller scope. It has echoes of Signs, The Village and The Sixth Sense. I see that critics are comparing it to The Conjuring and I would agree to an extent yes, it has the same level of information withholding.

It's amazing how this film manages to be so wonderfully terrifying without the use of much cgi or special effects. A couple of points in the film I yelped and let out a nervous laughter (and I'm a tough guy).

M. Night Bashers will continue bashing this film but I feel this will stand the test of time, much like his best films. I hope he keeps this up and makes two or three more of these 'small' films quickly and then perhaps, people will eventually forget his larger failures.

I say, watch it. If anything, it's a fantastic lesson in directing horror through restraint.

Reviewed by Luis Filipe dos Reis Peres 10 / 10

There's still originality in Hollywood horror movies !!!? I'm scared !

This was one of the rarest horror movies that managed to keep me totally scared and mostly uncomfortable from start to finish in years and years. I don't get this new trend of hating everything Shiamalan does. This new movie is one of the best horror concepts I've come across in a very long time and uses simplicity to the best effect.

I don't get what people these days expect an horror movie to be. If you don't think this a good example of a simple concept that works like a dream...or a nightmare, I don't get what passes for horror in Hollywood no more.

The idea for this movie is fantastic, and it's very well executed. I really don't get why people complain that nothing happens in this story. It's that type of simplicity that keeps the scary atmosphere throughout the entire movie. This is not a cgi crap action so called horror thing for teens, this is a classic old school horror, it's filled with a creepy atmosphere and uses perfectly all the ideas for each character to keep the viewer feeling uncomfortable all the time.

There's a couple of good scares ,but most of the horror really happens inside our minds. This is the best thing in this movie, it creates such an atmosphere of tension with simple things that when something really dramatic happens on screen we get ten times more startled and there's no need for any cgi on this movie at all to scare teenagers and bore the rest of us to death with the usual clichés. Not on this one.

This is clearly an horror movie for adults, its not edited at two hundred frames per second and it has a classic structure that simply is not targeted at young audiences. This is an horror movie for horror fans, it's not a popcorn movie for general audiences so ignore the bad ratings on IMDb, because if you remember the good classic stuff from the 70s like The Omen, The Changeling, or all those movies built on atmosphere instead of action, this movie is for you.

Absolutely brilliant. In my view the only thing that does not work is the final sequence after the twist is revealed, simply because the movie stops being a a story that creeps us out and becomes the usual fight for your life action bit we've seen hundreds of times. But until that happens this story is scary. Not because of what it shows but because of what keeps making us expect it's going to happen next.

Shyamalan is really back and this screenplay is the best thing he's ever written since the sixth sense and unbreakable. Also the casting is simply perfect with brilliant performances from everyone.

True horror is back folks. Ignore the bad hype from the multiplex popcorn crowd. This is a real gem that deserves to be among the very best horror titles of recent years and it will creep you out if you like your suspense atmospheric.

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