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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by moviewizguy 8 / 10

M. Night is Back, Baby!

It's hard to talk about any M. Night films these days without discussing his career trajectory, how he started off incredibly strong with a triple knockout of The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, and Signs, only to have his potential squandered, or at least questioned, with films like The Happening, The Last Airbender, and After Earth. As a fan of Shyamalan myself, even I had to admit that he may have lost his luster. With that being said, I'm overjoyed and elated to say that The Visit is Shyamalan's best film since The Village over 10 years ago (my personal favorite). And it's not so bad it's good. The Visit is a legitimately good film, with great performances, terrific setups and even better payoffs, and an overall simple but satisfying story, which is all Shyamalan needs right now.

It's difficult to say much about the story without revealing too much, because The Visit is essentially the type of film where it's better the less you know going in. It's not to say the film is filled with plot twists left and right, but how cleverly it subverts expectations, especially based on the film's misleading marketing campaign. Let this be known: The Visit is a horror AND comedy. It's downright hilarious (intentionally so) during a majority of the film but also equally scary and creepy, which is what M. Night is known for. I was laughing hysterically and screaming, sometimes at the same time! The success of the film is how effectively it jumps in between the two genres and frequently on the dime. The third act showcases this in the best possible way and in full Shyamalan fashion.

Though there are plenty of laughs and screams to be had, The Visit is also filled with surprising moments of drama. There are, at the very least, three genuinely beautiful scenes. One of those involves a zoom in of a certain character, and it's utterly heartbreaking. Credit must be given to Shyamalan who manages to get great performances from his actors, a welcome change after the stilted and wooden performances in his last few films. Olivia DeJonge and Ed Oxenbould play the leads, and they're completely likable in their roles. Oxenbould, in particular, steals every scene he's in, providing many of the film's biggest laughs. Seriously, the jokes in here are funnier than most comedies released these days. Deanna Dunagan and Peter McRobbie are also rightfully creepy as the kids' offbeat grandparents. Last but not least, Kathryn Hahn leaves a great impression, despite the limited screen time she has. She's truly wonderful here.

Overall, The Visit is ridiculously entertaining and a total crowd pleaser. It's the film we were all hoping for Shyamalan to make to get him out of the slump. No, it's not as great as his first four films, but it's a step towards the right direction. Recently, it's been revealed that he'll reunite with producer Jason Blum and Joaquin Phoenix for a new project. If it's another low budget feature like The Visit, which it most likely will be, we might be witnessing an era of Shyamalascance. After all, going back to basics is his greatest asset right now. Who says horror/comedy can't work?

UPDATE: The film is even better the second time around, and I noticed a lot of details I missed during the first viewing. There's even clever meta humor sprinkled throughout that might not be apparent at first. Additionally, I'd like to put a spotlight on Deanna Dunagan, who I didn't give enough credit to beforehand. She was fantastic. How great and fulfilling it is for an actress her age to have a role that is complicated and complex as is the character of Nana, to be sweet and motherly in one scene only to switch (convincingly) to creepy and insane the next. In one especially dramatic scene, you will even ache for her. Only if you stop to think will you notice the many layers Dunagan has to play with, and for that reason, she should be praised.

Reviewed by homdeb1058 5 / 10

Wait am I in the Right Theater?

The thing I found out (to my dismay) that I did not know before going to the theater was that a lot of this movie was shot in the long over-used and abused "home movie/shaky cam" format. If I had come in the theater in the middle of the movie, I might have assumed I had accidentally wandered into the 7th, or whatever, sequel to Paranormal Activity. And to add insult to injury M Night is about 8 years late to the party for that trick. Or was it suppose to be some type of irony or mocking of the standard horror movie fare? Perhaps this once creative director has finally succumbed to audience expectations --if all you want is cookie cutter, unimaginative, thematically barren, shaky cam, scary movies then here you go......

Another let down for me was that in his earlier movies there were always a number of positive sub-themes running through the movies that I found as interesting, if not more so, than the obvious scary movie theme. I failed to find any such redeeming parallel plot lines in The Visit. Again maybe he is just simplifying his movies to match his audience's wishes.

On the upside, I did find this movie to be something of an improvement over his most recent efforts. There were a few good chuckles. There were a couple of OK jump scenes. There was some tension here and there, but overall still a disappoint for me.

Of course, I eventually liked The Village and Signs a lot better after I had watched them several times on DVD. Maybe there is a jewel in the rough hiding here, just waiting to be found. Rating a 5.5 of 10 on first impression though.

Reviewed by gvalluri 10 / 10

The Night we knew and loved is finally back.

Well that took a while but I can now say that he is back. I think this is the kind of film where he thrives– low budget, small and intimate domestic settings and a smaller scope. It has echoes of Signs, The Village and The Sixth Sense. I see that critics are comparing it to The Conjuring and I would agree to an extent yes, it has the same level of information withholding.

It's amazing how this film manages to be so wonderfully terrifying without the use of much cgi or special effects. A couple of points in the film I yelped and let out a nervous laughter (and I'm a tough guy).

M. Night Bashers will continue bashing this film but I feel this will stand the test of time, much like his best films. I hope he keeps this up and makes two or three more of these 'small' films quickly and then perhaps, people will eventually forget his larger failures.

I say, watch it. If anything, it's a fantastic lesson in directing horror through restraint.

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