The Wheeler Dealers



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James Garner as Henry Tyroon
Lee Remick as Molly Thatcher
John Astin as Hector Vanson
Phil Harris as Ray Jay Fox
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 10 / 10

Chez Henri Tyroon

This may be the best comedy movie to come out of the 1960s. Wheeler Dealers features James Garner at the top of his game, Lee Remick doing her best Doris Day imitation, and a wonderful cast of some of the best character actors ever assembled.

Of all the characters James Garner has created for the screen, I think I like Henry J. Tyroon the best. Cowboy oilman and conman par excellence, he moves skillfully from one situation to the other in business, but really comes up against it with Lee Remick in the romance department.

The supporting cast is soooo good I don't know where to begin to single anyone out. If put to torture I suppose I'd have to mention Louis Nye, "the boss wrangler of the Henry Tyroon collection", and John Astin the manic SEC investigator.

As Mr. Garner puts it: "Only the taxman loses in a Henry Tyroon deal". Even a the most dedicated and humorless IRS agent will find laughs in this classic comedy.


Reviewed by AWaite4 ([email protected]) 8 / 10

Not on DVD

One of my favorites in the 'old comedy' genre. I bring it out for friends and relatives for comfort evenings.

Jim Garner at the top of his form, not long after his Maverick character became a household name, but before Rockford.

Lee Remick looking great, in an intelligent role for a beautiful woman.

It's worth the time just to see the terrific supporting cast of old faces (now mostly passed away.)

The only problem is my VHS version is just about worn out, and it's not available on DVD. Who do we complain to?

- - - Art

Reviewed by proffate 8 / 10

Fast-paced fun

Good old fashioned comedy that exploits every classic cliche about Texas oilmen. After years playing Bret Maverick, James Garner has the fast-talking con man character down pat. Old timers Phil Harris, Chill Wills and Jim Backus form sort of a Greek chorus of old money Texans eager to see what the brash newcomer's next scam will be.

All the fun is in the wheelin' and the dealin', Garner explains at one point. "Money's just a way of keeping score."

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