The White Buffalo


Action / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 20%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 51%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 2986


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Charles Bronson as Wild Bill Hickok
Kim Novak as Mrs. Poker Jenny Schermerhorn
John Carradine as Amos Briggs
Jack Warden as Charlie Zane
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by whynotwriteme 9 / 10

A strange, mythical and murky film.

I was amazed that this film was on the bottom 20 IMDB list of westerns! Like Darrell1969, I too love this movie. Maybe Bronson was not the best choice for Wild Bill, (although he is a fine western star,) but the sets, dialogue, and the entire western/horror mood of this film are just great. If the buffalo is not 100% lifelike, well, just show me some CGI special effects that don't look fake! I would rather see the jerky robotic White Buffalo than some cartoon creature that looks like it hopped out of a Super Mario game! The frontier dialogue was the best and most realistic since 'True Grit', and the whole movie maintained a sense of wild west myth and strangeness. If you like westerns with a touch of dark, gothic mood, by all means watch The White Buffalo.

Reviewed by Darrell1969 ( 10 / 10

I have to say for some reason I love this film....

I know a lot of people are not too impressed with this film. However when i first saw this about 14 years ago the images and atmosphere and chilly locations made an impact on my mind. I have seen this film several times and agree it is not one of Charles Bronson's best efforts but I still love watching this film regularly. The hunt for the white buffalo in the Black Hills is presented as a psychological battle in the mind of Wild Bill Hickok (Bronson) and a spiritual one for Chief Crazy Horse (Will Sampson). Sure the creature itself may look unrealistic,but the concept of battling your nightmares and the teaming up of two racial enemies as well as the dark cold almost sinister locations make this an interesting experience in my view. I also feel the dialogue is extremely appropriate with the use of 'Gold Diggers slang'. I am sure I am in a minority when I say I like this film so much.

Reviewed by egrorian 10 / 10

I disagree with most who criticize the special effects.

I love this film and have done for going on 20 years - it was the film that first turned me on to Charles Bronson and I've been a fan ever since.

First time as a youngster seeing it the suspense was almost unbearable and the buffalo really isn't that bad considering it was over 25 years ago.

Buffalo scenes aside, the film scores for realism with believable characters, settings and dialogue.

Bronson turns in a fine performance and although I love most of his films, this remains one of my favourites.

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