The Whole Truth


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 32%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 35%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 14087


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Keanu Reeves as Ramsey
Renée Zellweger as Loretta
Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Janelle
James Belushi as Boone
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jtindahouse 8 / 10

A great ending tops off a solid film

There's nothing like a good courtroom thriller. The thing I love about them is that everything can't possible be as it seems, because otherwise there would be no point in making the movie. There's nothing at all interesting about a straightforward court case, however one with a twist is a thing to behold. The only problem with this is that a lot of them end up getting rated purely on the strength of their twist. Everything that has happened up until that point can tend to be forgotten. That's sort of the case again here. A solid, but not stunning movie comes alive with a very strong ending, and it certainly adds some plus points to the final opinion of the film.

I tend to really like Keanu Reeves thrillers. A lot of his dramas and sci-fi films are completely forgettable, but when he signs on to a thriller it often seems to turn out very good. Renee Zellweger on the other hand is far from a personal favourite of mine. She has a serious lack of charisma and her appearance change is very distracting in this film. I feel like there are a lot of actresses who could have done a better job in this role.

'The Whole Truth' is a film that is entertaining throughout, partly because you are almost certain there is a twist coming, and partly because the story is well written and movies at a good pace. Then at the end it goes Bang! I really enjoyed this film and I think any thriller lovers out there will have a good time with it too.

Reviewed by Lee Eisenberg ([email protected]) 5 / 10

You'd think that it's a Grisham story, wouldn't you?

While I'll admit that I didn't predict the twist in "The Whole Truth", most of the movie is nothing special. Keanu Reeves plays a lawyer defending a teen charged with murdering his - the teen's - father. The father (Jim Belushi) was an overbearing, abusive jerk. Renee Zellweger plays the mother who's been keeping the father's brutality secret.

I thought that the most interesting scenes were the exchanges between Reeves's character and the other lawyer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), and the flashbacks showing what a creep the dad was. Most of the movie seems like other movies that we've seen, especially movies based on John Grisham novels. Zellweger really made a mistake by having her face done. She no longer looks like the same person. Even understanding that ageism is an endemic problem in Hollywood, Zellweger still could've made the choice to keep her natural look. Instead, she opted for a facelift and left herself looking bizarre.

It's not a bad movie, just nothing special.

Reviewed by chicagopoetry 7 / 10

Everyone is lying

The Whole Truth is a courtroom drama. If you're not up for that, then don't watch it. Courtroom dramas take place in a courtroom. If you're not up for a movie that primarily takes place in a courtroom, then don't watch it. If you like courtroom dramas however, this is sure to please. The closest I can compare this to is perhaps Primal Fear. Keanu Reeves plays a defense attorney who is tasked with representing a client (relative of a friend actually) who refuses to speak. The happenings in the courtroom are complimented with speculative flashbacks (could it have happened this way or maybe it happened that way). As things unfold we learn that there is a deeper conspiracy at play that I won't go into because that would spoil it. Suffice it to say, for a movie that was less than two hours long and primarily was shot in one location (the courtroom) I never got bored. This is no work of genius, mind you; it's not A Few Good Men nor is it To Kill A Mockingbird--but it's pretty damn good nevertheless. So if you like courtroom dramas, do check it out.

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