The Young Lions


Action / Drama / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 83%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 76%
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Marlon Brando as Lt. Christian Diestl
Dean Martin as Michael Whiteacre
Montgomery Clift as Noah Ackerman
Lee Van Cleef as 1st Sgt. Rickett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Righty-Sock ([email protected]) 8 / 10

An eloquent statement with a masterly musical score ever composed for a war film...

More than a passing resemblance exists between Clift's Noah and the Robert E. Lee Prewitt of 'From Here to Eternity.' They are both "hard heads,' determined to live by their own special code of honor… The chief difference is that Noah is not alone… Throughout the film, he is accompanied by a friend, who has a number of reasons to be against the war… Also Noah gets the girl of his dreams… He even marries her…

'The Young Lions' retains its impact as one of the better films made about war... The combat scenes are limited in scale but brilliantly staged and photographed, with good direction of a complex script and a masterly musical score by Hugo Friedhofer…

Director Dmytryk never misses an opportunity to underline how war comes into collision with the destinies of people… When Brando encounters May Britt - as the wife of his superior officer, Maximilian Schell - she is the perfect image of Nazi vices: Corrupt, hedonistic, and, of course, condemned along with the rest of the decadent Germans… Her hazardous beauty is used as counterpoint to Brando's enthusiasm and beliefs: She represents all that is bad and immoral while he is everything noble and pure…

Dmytryk is less awkward depicting the relationship between Clift and Lange: Their Love is a natural condition… They belong together… Like Robert E. Lee Prewitt, Clift's Noah is ill-at-ease socially… When he meets Lange, his reaction is clear, spontaneous, purposeful, direct… He begins to babble a lot to make an impression on her, because, as he tells her later, "I was afraid that if I was myself you wouldn't look at me twice." But Hope was gracious enough to attend the guy… The young nice girl has at last found her favorite kind of hero…

Clift, who finds himself standing up for his rights and for principles he did not even know he had, pared his lines to the minimum needed to convey the essence of Noah Ackerman… The prison sequence is a clear and simple proof of it… The emotional urgency of the young couple is communicated through looks, small gestures, and soft and tender words of love and caring…

Nominated for Best Cinematography, Best music and Best Sound, Dmytryk's motion picture is a moving and eloquent statement of how war collides with the destinies of people and hurls them into a maelstrom…

Reviewed by bkoganbing 10 / 10

A Tale of Four Soldiers

I've always liked The Young Lions because it has the best explanation for the phenomenon that was Nazism in Germany. Always the question is asked how did they come to power? At the beginning with Marlon Brando romancing vacationing Barbara Rush in Bavaria on New Year's Eve, he provides one of the most lucid explanations of why people would choose to follow Adolph Hitler. It is one of Brando's finest moments on screen.

At the time of course he didn't know he was romancing the main squeeze of Dean Martin who with Montgomery Clift play the two American soldiers who's stories and growth as human beings is told. Martin is a Broadway musical comedy entertainer and Clift is just a department store clerk at Macy's who meet by chance at the draft board. Martin is trying to dodge the draft, Clift is fatalistically accepting what comes. Martin proves to be a man of far more character than we first think. Clift is a Jew and a man who with enough reason to be going to war against Hitler, has to deal with anti-Semitism here in America.

Clift and Martin's stories are told alternately with that of Brando and also Maximilian Schell. This was Schell's first appearance in an American production and he scores well as a proud Nazi officer. Let us just say that he gets quite a comeuppance all around during the course of this war he was so proud to be part of.

The two male actors who are always cited as the rebel heroes of post World War II America are Marlon Brando and Montgomery Clift. Too bad in their one film together they didn't exchange any dialog. Still I can't praise a film like The Young Lions too highly.

Reviewed by Christopher Martin 10 / 10

Although a good film, it did not use the right kind of ingredients to the fullest of their potential.

A movie that truly puts character above all else, this film examines three men and the common threads - more often than anything, the women - that bring them together. Bold statements on individuals' approach and reasons for war are nestled into realistic and moving dialogue. While an anti-war film, it is a fair and even-handed approach to the subject matter that lets you see things through the characters' eyes and lives, and lets an audience make up their own mind on things. This is not to say it is a strictly intellectual film, but the action is not as visceral as recent war films. Because of the directors' involvement with the HUAC, this movie was ignored in 1958 and fell into relative obscurity, but deserves to be rediscovered. I read the book after the film, and found the two together to be an incredibly stimulating lesson in film, literature, and life. See this movie.

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