These Final Hours


Action / Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 78%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 68%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 12529


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fettenberg 8 / 10

These Final Hours

There are some special qualities in this end-of-the-world enactment. The main plus is that this is a large scale fable of the last days on earth that moves well. It never gets stuck on one theme, except the disruption of the leading character's relationships, which also signals the end of what is known about 'personal' life under would-be normal circumstances. There really is a fully owned dramatization of the total dislocation of normal society - & this is possibly among the best of such dramatizations. There is a faithfulness to the screenwriter's vision that's pretty awesome. Also awesome is some really good acting from the leading man, who gets convincingly tearful at the prospect of being parted from a 7-year old girl who'd become his charge through the course of the story's development. The imminent end of things near and dear is very well brought across, with hardly any mucking about in minor sub-plots.

Reviewed by Samscreen 9 / 10

Apocalyptic thriller

Very entertaining and edgy. Good character development and plausible plot line. Set in Western Australia - amusing - in that in the 60s and 70s Perth people used to boast that it was a great city in which to live because if the world was coming to end it would get to Perth 10 years later! Great build up through the film and a thoroughly enjoyable and thought provoking experience. Acting by Angourie Rice and Nathan Phillips was very polished. Great movie- would recommend. Have seen a few other end of the world movies but These Final Hours makes you think about what would your priorities be? Zak Hildich as writer director has created what I believe will be a significant contribution to Australian Cinema.

Reviewed by waders 8 / 10

Great film - Nathan Phillips and Angourie Rice are excellent

I have been downloading/renting movies for yrs and using these ratings to decide if I should invest in the bandwidth/Cost. Felt it was time to contribute as this movie was way above what I expected. I am a SCI Fi/End of the world/Zombie movie lover and this totally entertained and kept my attention beginning to end.

This move met all my expectations and I could not stop watching till the end. And was the reason for me to create the account and add the review.

I recommend it. And have a few tissues waiting... it sure jolted my heart in the end. I know... being a guy I am not supposed to cry :)

Go/rent... whatever.. it's worth it

Well done to all involved... great movie. 8/10

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