They Came Together


Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 70%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jesse Boland 3 / 10

A parody that takes itself far to seriously. Everyone looked as uncomfortable as I felt.

Total crap!!! Sorry but this is not worth your time. My time is free, and it was not worth my time so that is where I get off saying so. Avoid this thing at all cost. I just kept asking "Why isn't this funny?" I just thought it was supposed to be funny, but instead it is just forced, and empty. Paul Rudd is wasted in this, everyone else is just as bad as they always are lately. This movie is just a rip off of other romantic comedies, and it is supposed to sort of parody them, but instead it takes them all on as though it has a right to those stories because this is a "true story not a movie". I did not enjoy one thing about this movie, and do not recommend it to anyone.

Jesse of

Reviewed by Professor Klickberg 10 / 10

A much-needed laugh-a-second pastiche of romcoms

David Wain and his well-established troupe of actor-comedians -- along with a few new brilliant featured players -- have done it again. This is not only a smartly crafted film that transcends the lazy simplicity of a prototypical parody film (it actually has a forward-moving plot and characters who develop over the course of the narrative, as opposed to just a string of jokes loosely tied together). It is also the first movie I've seen in years that left me laughing out loud at every turn.

This likely has as much to do with the high caliber of its cast as the incisive and hilarious writing that is also true to the prosaic genre it is skewering.

As much as I've enjoyed (surprisingly) some of Wain's more commercial fare of recent years, it was so refreshing to see his reliable team and him back in doing what they do best and have proved to be the unarguable masters of: Pure pastiche. It's one thing to poke fun at romcoms (especially THESE days with such predictable drivel bombarding us wherever we go). But to deftly embrace the genre and play with it WHILE also playing by the strictures of said genre is what makes Wain a true craftsman.

Unfortunately, as with The State and Stella, such comedy isn't as easily accessible and fast-food digestible as the hackneyed, broad comedy most audience members are being fooled into spending their money on today. But, it's nice to know that at least someone is out there working to make funny films for the rest of us.

Reviewed by hp-mcclendon 1 / 10

Surprisingly Bad

I am a huge fan of comedy and satire and I'm even okay with the occasional absence of plot for the sake of laughs... Cheap laughs. The type of film that may be void of intellect but still provides entertainment and gets me laughing. But this movie has foregone the plot for the sake of nothing. The comedy found here isn't even good enough to be labeled juvenile or sophomoric. It is down-right stupid. I was not entertained. I was disappointed. Especially since several of the cast members are people whose movies and shows I have enjoyed on numerous occasions. I thought I might find something comparable in this film. Boy, was I wrong. In fact, I hated seeing these people in such a low-level production. The writing is horrid, and yes, that is taking into account the fact that it is "supposed to be cheesy" as the movie's intro explains. It just failed to do so in a way that worked and so it fell flat. Very, very flat. I do not recommend this film.

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