This Is 40


Action / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 51%
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Melissa McCarthy as Catherine
Paul Rudd as Pete
Megan Fox as Desi
Leslie Mann as Debbie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jimojimo 8 / 10

No plot--but very funny consistently: "humor porn"

First off--this is well worth seeing, it is consistently funny--and at times keel-over funny. However if you're looking for a meaningful plot that gets neatly wrapped up, that's not gonna happen. Like porn, the plot was just there as an excuse for the many 'money shots'--the consistently funny gags about typical 40ish couple's lives.

Rudd's character is suffering a struggling business (and also maybe a little of 'struggling business'--if you know what I mean). Mann's character has a business also, that is suffering. Their kids are dealing with various modern-kid issues--Facebook bullies, trying to devour entire seasons of "Lost" in a matter of days, etc. The parents fight, the kids fight, Rudd & Mann each have issues with their own parents--one with abandonment issues, the other with what might be the polar opposite of abandonment.

And the gags and issues that arise, I can tell you, are all based in reality--it's a good composite of the issues that this demographic actually faces--only depicted with the cinematic equivalent of the "Photoshop saturation slider" cranked to 11.

A special mention for Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow's kids--they actually can act, and they were excellent in this film. They belonged in the film--not 'becuase their daddy is the producer'--but because they added big-time in both the many comedy scenes they were in, but also in the movie's scattered drama moments. Very adorable kids, who blended into this movie effortlessly and definitely added to its charm.

So that's the plot, and in the end, it leaves you with hope that things will get better, but never really pounds that point down and gift-wraps a sappy, happy ending, but it doesn't need to--the plot is just a vehicle to tow all of the gags with.

And the gags, mini-skits, etc, are very funny, and very consistent--me, my wife, and most of the theater were laughing through the bulk of the film (Stay for the ending credits--the blooper reel with Melissa McCarthy may be one of the funniest of the entire movie).

So that's it--I give it a 8--well worth seeing in the theater, and when it comes out on DVD, I'll definitely rent it and see it again.

Reviewed by chazzo-crw 10 / 10

I gave it a 10 because I didn't think anyone else would.

First and foremost, this is the first movie I have seen in years that actually has something to do with my life. I read through the threads, and I wasn't surprised that people found it depressing. They were probably expecting to see Knocked Up or I Love You Man. It lacks the stoner cool single guys being all zany about porn. Instead the comedy comes from things that forty somethings deal with: mortgage, kids, hormones, diet, expectations, etc. I rarely get to see a movie about people my age or having problems and solutions that don't involve guns, drugs, superheroes, cartoon birds, and people who have 8 figure life styles without ever having a job. Okay, so he's a groovy record co. guy, and she has a chic boutique.... Definitely way more California than my life, but still it is pretty real to life. I will concede that there are some gags that don't quite work, but like I said: I'm stickin' up for this one because I think it is getting a bad rap based on expectations. Thanks to Judd Apatow for making a movie about life instead of (hip jobs aside) hyper-situational life.

Reviewed by Planetpulp 2 / 10

Stay away from this movie

I just saw this movie last night. I was a fan of Knocked up even though my wife and I fought like cats and dogs after the movie (it was about having kids. This time around, the movie did only one thing for me, it made me thankful for my family. Leslie Mann's character was even more of a raving bitch than in Knocked up. I told my wife that I would have shoved her head in the toilet when she was trying to inspect it to see if Paul Rudd's character was really taking a crap or just avoiding her. He was probably defecating on paper so he could help make this film. Actually only Paul Rudd really brought anything to the picture unless you count Megan Fox as a hot boutique worker. The film showcases a small part of the miserable lives of Pete and Debbie as they spiral into unhappiness and misery. Into the mix are thrown several more characters who are equally miserable. I was looking forward to this movie big time and when I realized that it was going south I couldn't wait for it to be over. Unfortunately its over two hours long. So, if you are looking for a way to spend a few hours in the dark, lock your self in a closet or just close your eyes but do not go see this film--it sucked!

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