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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by darkorse6 1 / 10

Words cannot describe

Seeing the reviews as almost overwhelmingly positive, I had high expectations. I figured, even if it only hit on a few notes, it would be entertaining. Alas, I was led astray, once again, by the Intertubes.

At the 1 hr mark, we finally had enough and walked out. Browsing carpet samples at Lowes was infinitely more entertaining than this piece of garbage. The only way to see this movie and feel any entertainment is to be completely stoned. I cannot fathom the source of all positive reviews I've seen online. I guess it's because there's some attempts early on at self deprecating humor as they make fun of all the cameos.

Some people must see it that way, but I do not. To me, it was nothing more than 107 minutes of a self-indulgence where the actors were so caught up in their awesome idea for a film they forgot to actually WRITE SOME WITTY DIALOG! Seriously, the scene between Franco and McBride about leaving loads all over the place was humorous for the first 5 seconds, but hey...why not stretch this 7th grade humor out another 2 minutes? The audience will LOVE it because WE think it's funny and WE ARE SO AWESOME!

I found it offensive, not for the subject matter, but for how they treat the audience. Rogan thinks his jokes about 'playing the same character in every movie' somehow make it excusable to sit back and do it again? This is a lazy sophomoric stupid humorless pile of stinking garbage that makes me feel bad about losing the 60 minutes of my life I lost before coming out of my coma and walking out.

Rogan and crew, even though they DO play the same characters all the time, can at LEAST feel good that they have some witty dialog in their movies. In this movie, I was waiting for that but it never came. When the sinkhole opened up, I wished I would've been able to fall in and surrender to the sweet release of death rather than endure any more of this circle-jerk ego trip.

Reviewed by ohgoddammit 1 / 10

This movie was awful, self indulgent and funny maybe twice in two hours.

This movie simply wasn't funny. It dragged on interminably, scenes with little comedic value got dragged out for far too long presumably because the directors (and main featured actors) were too high while making this steaming pile of wasted time.

We get it. You like to do drugs and are generally wastes of humanity and oxygen on this planet. This movie isn't funny though. There have been many funny drug movies made, and made by funny people on drugs. Super Troopers was funny, Cheech and Chong was funny, Half Baked was funny, this was not funny.

This movie is a nauseating bromantic drama pretending to be a comedy. I expected the two main characters to start making out at the end. Not that there would be anything intrinsically wrong with that, in fact it would've been cathartic since they so obviously were in love with each other.

The two funniest actors in the movie, Ansari and Cera, die within the first ten minutes and all you're left with is a weak cast and weaker script.

I want Seth Rogen to give me my money back, though the two wasted hours of my life are something no one can ever give back. Movies like this make me not want to see movies in theaters anymore, because had I known what I was going in for from trailers and the publicity, I never would have bothered seeing this train wreck.

I wish I could give this movie zero out of ten stars.

I guess some people really like this stuff, but I'll be avoiding Seth's movies like the plague in the future.

Reviewed by Ashley Danielle 1 / 10

So so so so very disappointed

Horrible; in my opinion.

I love all of these actors, and I love all the movies they play in...Hell I even went to the movie stoned thinking it would make it even funnier. Nope.

I honestly think I laughed MAYBE 5 times...Emma Watson was my favorite part of the whole movie...Well and Channing Tatum, that was kinda hilarious.

But really, so disappointed by this movie. 2 friends fell asleep, and another friend and myself kept giving each other this look like "Wtf are we watching..Is it over yet??" Go see it if you dare, no one can tell you what to like and what not to like...But just know, you may be extremely disappointed like my friends & I were.

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