Tiny Giants 3D


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Thomas ([email protected]) 8 / 10

Cute little "documentary"

"Tiny Giants 3D" is a 44-minute documentary from 2014, so two years old the day I write it, and it can still be defined as a short film. The director and writer here is Mark Brownlow and he made this film together with his regular helper, Emmy nominee Michael Gunton. Maybe you wonder why I used the " in the title of my review and the explanation is that this is a very fictitious little tale of a chipmunk and a small mouse. You will learn nothing new probably if you have seen animal documentaries in the past, but that's not a problem at all as this one may lack in terms of how informative it is, but it does deliver from the story-telling perspective and also absolutely in terms of the visual side. It is another great British production by BBC and they have certainly delivered in recent years in terms of animal and nature documentaries. The narrator is Stephen Fry and I am a great fan of him which got me even more curious about this one. I believe this is also a pretty good watch for young audiences as they are the ones who will probably still learn a bit from it. And it's not too serious or dramatic for them as our two heroes always make it out alive and they even fight a very brave fight against a scorpion (the villain) at one point. I enjoyed the watch, but I may be a bit biased because of how much I like Fry and animal documentaries and because of how undeniably cute the two animals in the main roles are. But one cannot deny that this is a creative achievement from several genre directions. Absolutely worth seeing and it works perfect with this brief run time.

Reviewed by holomodo 10 / 10

Starring two tiny heroes: Mouse Damon and Chipmunk Bale!

Tiny Giants 3D is a 43 minute feast for the eyes. It follows the lives of two tiny heroes: Mouse Damon and Chipmunk Bale. Mesmerizingly shot and captivatingly narrated, it's a film that is brief but burns bright. I don't know how I missed it but it looks like it flew under the radar of most people. If you have missed it too, you should see it now. You will enjoy every minute of it. Scene after incredible scene, you will wonder how they managed to shoot it and how they managed to get the cameras in there. The action in this movie is so much better than some of those multi-million dollar action movies. I found myself holding my breath in some scenes because they are so intense. And, there is a message in it for all of us: that all lives are valuable, however small they might be.

Reviewed by sigynnez 10 / 10

NATURE in full motion. Just LOVED IT

I loved this documentary! Especially because I love rodents, I have a Syrian hamster named Annabeth whom I love, she is my friend and part of my family ... I had a Chinese dwarf hamster was my best friend until he died,I called Furioso.

This is the only documentary I encouraged myself to look, and I don't regret it at all, I loved it completely

Heartfelt thanks to the creators of this, it just made my entire year.

The effects are stunning, awesome and so detailed to create the story that I was amazed for the realism, and the narrator made me feel part of it. The story was pretty good, and caught my attention from the very beginning.

I cannot help myself to recommend this for Tiny Heroes in the Nature fans, just a friend of little companions, you will love this and it will warm your heart as it did with mine.

10/10 seriously amazing

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