To Save a Life


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 33%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 82%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 4903


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Randy Wayne as Jake Taylor
Arjay Smith as Matt McQueen
Robert Bailey Jr. as Roger Dawson
Sean Michael Afable as Jonny Garcia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by inshock 10 / 10

FINALLY a Great Christian Film Without all the Preaching

We seldom go to the movies because most aren't worth watching (in our opinion) but my husband & I went to see "To Save A Life" yesterday (opening day) knowing it was a faith based movie. We're 40-50 something in age & have been in prison ministry for around 14-15 yrs. This film is a true-to-life movie that shows the reality of what the kids & youth of America go through every day. The suicide rate for teens is unbelievable. Too many of those who don't kill themselves, kill someone else or get into crime & end up in prison...all because they believe nobody cares & life is hopeless. We were impressed with the movie in many ways & found it to be made as very true. I left bawling (that's Texan for crying hard) even though it was humorous in places, too, because we've seen the results of those who have managed to stay alive on the street, but get sentenced (most for the majority of their lives) to prison, just to fight & struggle to survive. Prison life isn't living, only existing. It really is true that we each can save never know what someone is going through & sometimes just a smile or friendly gesture can make the difference in life & death. We don't think this is just a young people's movie - everyone should see it! We are Christians & have been quite some time, but after viewing this movie, I left changed. Go see won't regret it.

Reviewed by Cathy Grace 10 / 10

Must see for teens!

Saw this with my 14 year old daughter this weekend. This is an excellent movie for teens between the ages of 13-17. If you're deciding whether to watch it, don't be swayed by the overall rating as those who gave the lowest ratings do not belong to the intended audience group (males over 45 have given it the lowest rating - not sure why they felt the need to review it as it wasn't a movie for them?) I teach leadership to 14 and 15 year-old students at my school, and they were so excited when I showed them just the trailer! If you work with students then you know that what is portrayed in this movie is not exaggerated, but issues that they are actually dealing with on a daily basis. Even at my private, Christian school bullying is an issue. This movie has an excellent message and will help teens have the courage to stand up and be themselves, instead of just following the crowd.

Reviewed by shasta139 10 / 10

Give this movie a chance - I think you will be surprised!!

Best movie I've seen in a long time. Deals with real life teenage issues (the messy ones that no one wants to talk about or face). Even though those issues are going on right in front of us everyday!! I was amazed at how many different issues were actually dealt with in one movie! It is NOT a self-righteous religious movie. It's a movie with hope in the midst of reality (even when reality is ugly and hard). It's not a SWEET movie, but a very thought provoking movie! This movie is for kids on BOTH sides life. The ones that "FIT-IN" and the ones the "DON'T". All teenagers, parents, teachers and anyone who comes in contact with teens should see this movie. Adults are sometimes blind to what's really going on. If teenagers would actually get hold of this message it could make a change in schools, neighborhoods and cities everywhere!!! I'm going to see if for the 2nd time this next weekend. I hope it is in theaters for a while!

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