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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Larry Silverstein 5 / 10

Some Things Work--Most Don't

Chris Rock, who wrote and directed this film, can be very funny. However, this movie wanders all over the place, and when it doesn't work it can be really awful.

Why throw in completely over-the-top, unfunny, and highly explicit sex scenes when they seem to come out of left field, and not really congruent with the rest of the story. I much preferred the chemistry between Rock and the superbly talented and beautiful Rosario Dawson, which, I thought, worked really well. Gabrielle Union, J. B. Smoove, and Leslie Jones also added well to the mix here.

All in all, as mentioned, the movie is way too choppy, with some really cringe inducing scenes, and overall a disappointment.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

a few funny bits

Andre Allen (Chris Rock) is a standup comedian who became famous for a movie franchise character Hammy The Bear. He wants to stop playing Hammy and do serious roles. He tries to promote his historical drama about a Haitian revolutionary but people only want to talk about Hammy or his impending reality-TV wedding with Erica Long (Gabrielle Union). He reluctantly does an interview with New York Times reporter Chelsea Brown (Rosario Dawson) as she follows him for the day.

There are some funny moments but in general, the characters feel fake. Chris Rock never really stopped being Chris Rock except when he dives into the drinking. Rosario Dawson is lovely but I don't believe her romantic chemistry with him. I rather she be his sponsor than his girlfriend. After she reconnects with him, she needs to bring him to a meeting rather than a comedy store. When Seinfeld, Sandler and Whoopi show up, it feels like the movie is trying too hard and not terribly funny. Andre's family is funnier. There is an interesting movie here but it takes a couple of wrong steps.

Reviewed by zee 7 / 10

Surprised me, in a good way

I am sooooo not in the audience for a Chris Rock film--or so I would have thought. I'm white, in my 60's, liberal but not urban or indeed hip in any sense, and the only five rap artists I could name are those who went on to acting careers.

And yet...this was a definitely movie for me. It's observational, mature, witty, good-hearted, mostly a rom-com but also about the battle between external expectations and inner desire, young adulthood and maturity.

The plot of the movie, which has everyone but a few good friends wanting poor Andre to keep doing his funny stuff, the talking bear movies, while he wants to do more significant work? That ends up perfectly predicting the audience reaction you see here via the reviews. "Where's the hysterical Chris Rock **** jokes?" people stuck in 1992 want to know.

There is some of that in here...and it's exactly the stuff I hated (Cedric and the whores; the tampon thing--ish, edit them both out) and that made me rate this a couple stars lower than I might have otherwise. So as I pity Andre in the film (omg, having "Hammy!" shouted at you 1000 times day!), I pity Rock even more for living out this life, even in the year since this movie's release, even right here on IMDb, with angry comments by old-school fans of his. Man, that's life imitating art imitating life.

I hope I see more like this from him.

I enjoy that I was able to like all these characters and sympathize with them. I liked the set up for the reveal about Chelsea. I liked how Silk was a stock character you thought you knew, until he wasn't in the final 1/4 of the film. I was tickled. I was moved. I was pressed to think.

(and I did sort of like the rap song running over the end credits, so one never knows, eh?)

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