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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by trashgang 6 / 10

mediocre home-invasion

Mixed emotions about this flick. Why, because the story is so strange. let me explain. It starts of with the main lead Kylie (Alysa King) being abused by a guy. She has to give him a blow job which she finally does but is being filmed. Of course , being underaged, the whole school is laughing with her and she's being bullied about it by her friends naturally. Going home her mother tells her that the thing she performed will follow her for her entire life. It's halloween night and she going to babysit. Yes, you do read it correct, from the school we do move over to the babysitting without ever returning to what happened at the party. So it's in fact two stories being used in one flick.

The babysitting does take a while until the door bell goes and things go awry. From there on it turns from mediocre into a home-invasion flick. A bit of cat and mouse and a bit of stabbing with a twist towards the end.

Was it that bad, not at all, a bit strange with the first 15 minutes but from then on it slowly moves into a real horror.

Gore 1/5 Nudity 0,5/5 Effects 2/5 Story 2,5/5 Comedy 0/5

Reviewed by moviefansme 5 / 10

Babysitter in peril

This is a rather conventional home invasion horror story that fans of the genre will find familiar.

As horror goes, this has some thrills. The villains are scary, as is their pursuit of the inhabitants. And the house itself is a star, with rooms that are very visual and a plethora of corridors and hiding places. The lead character evolves from mousy and helpless to develop the grit to fight back.

The story follows a well-trodden path with a facade of originality. It gives no motivation to the villains, who take tremendous risks for little benefit. Law enforcement is laughably incompetent. Parents are predictably clueless. The kills aren't very gruesome and lack intensity and catharsis. Twists are predictable and unimpactful.

The story finishes predictably and satisfyingly enough--it's a journey, not a destination. But then, as if the filmmakers decided they wished they made the movie very differently, a whole separate scene is tacked onto the end that is completely over the top. Apparently the film found itself with an overabundance of casting extras and gory makeup to use up. Maybe the filmmakers are auditioning for a sequel.

Reviewed by Simon Clark 1 / 10

Very poor effort

The only horror and crime about this movie is that it was ever made.

This movie is just plain awful. This movie borrows so many story lines from other good movies, such as Halloween, the strangers, the purge and when a stranger calls mixes it up and vomits it up into this poor showing. The acting is average and the dialogue is even worse. This is only trumped by plot holes and characters making highly unlikely decisions even (even for a horror movie).

Thirty minutes in and I watched the remainder of the movie on double speed only occasionally returning to normal speed at what I thought might be crucial moments only to speed up again. The ending of the movie tries to shock but fails miserably even in that. This movie is constantly horrible and I would recommend not wasting your time on it.

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