Touchy Feely


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 36%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 22%
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Ellen Page as Jenny
Allison Janney as Bronwyn
Ron Livingston as Adrian
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wrestling-maniac 3 / 10

All your problems solved by ecstasy?

I don't "get" Touchy Feely, is there a message one can learn from watching this movie? The Characters are dull and it's as if we're watching a movie that's been put on because the late night infomercial tapes aren't working, at no point is any relevant plot established and the acting is awkward at best.

When the Dentists unexplained phenomenal healing touch diminishes and the professional massage therapist decides she is sickened by the thing she has chosen as a career the characters turn to drug use to solve there problems, the most meaningful conversation is when the father and daughter sit at the table after there one night bender and don't say anything at all.

One redeeming factor is Ellen Page she is as cute as always she earns all 3 stars I give this midday (watch as you cook or background noise) movie.

Reviewed by zooey-sophia 8 / 10

Highly Underrated

First, I am very picky about movies. I dislike most modern films because they lack solid acting, a thoughtful plot, and meaningful pacing, and instead opt for a quick paced romp simply to keep the viewer entertained for 90 minutes. This film was very different for me. The pace was not rushed, the characters were developed, and the acting was superb. I've now watched this film multiple times and pick up new emotions from studying the actors each time. It is also a very thoughtful film about who we think we are, and how fixated we are on how we think life ought to be, and I feel like anyone who takes some time to ponder about this film will have a lot to think about and enjoy reflecting on.

Reviewed by Jesse Boland 4 / 10

You might not want them touching you though.

It is listed as a comedy, but you won't be laughing. This is a story about a family of frail people who finally as one start to open up to the world around them. Each of them has their own protective layer that they need to break out of, and it is really not funny to watch. It is not a bad story, and it is told by a great cast, and the rural Seattle area looks great in the travel montages. I didn't like it, but you probably will. And Ellen Page is just so tiny, and broken in this her character never seems to really get better, and then she does no reason why. You could say that the healing of her Aunt, and Father was what she needed to heal herself, but you never see her actually healed as a result, just the result itself.

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