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Margo Harshman as Mandy
Vinnie Jones as Renner
Danny Glover as Dr. Locke
Beverley Mitchell as Isabelle
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Reviewed by wordsmakewaves 8 / 10

Margo Harshman is the star

A LOT of familiar faces and yes a similar plot to add to the many - "end of days" movies, but this one didn't suck! I walked out of similar films that made it much larger and IMO director Jason Dudek did a nice job. Perhaps it was mis marketed as a horror and thriller, when it is really more of a drama. With that purview, perhaps these reviews would be more kind!

I really enjoyed Margo Harshman (I won't give any spoilers!) and Taylor Handley was stepping up into a larger role since his child acting days. Not too bad on the eyes either.

If you can stick with the journey through character relationships and and plot development (with some twists and turns) it does all come together. Give it a try but don't think that this is a psychological thriller or next big horror film. I think the biggest disconnect is that the actors are so diverse you may not know what to expect out of them in a low budget flick.

Reviewed by kauffmanamy 7 / 10

Worth the wait

I didn't know what to expect out of Danny Glover in a sci fi thriller, but I love indie and independent films, so I gave it a try. Not bad! I was pleasantly surprised. The story line and character development takes a little while to unfold but as the title states, it is worth the wait.

Is it a horror? Not really. More of a (largely) realistic drama involving scientists and the fight against the deadly disease. There are a few moments that are predictable like any movie, but it doesn't take away from the plot. Overall an enjoyable movie, and not to be confused with the old "Toxin" flick -- which is what it seems is happening on IMDb.

Reviewed by siderite 3 / 10

Rarely a movie so lifeless, dull and stupid

For some reason I always enjoy seeing Vinnie Jones. I don't know why. His movies and performance are getting worse every time, but I still watch them. And the movie has Danny Glover, of Lethal Weapon fame. How could this go wrong?

Easy. Vinnie is a minor thug of no consequence, Glover acts worse than a wooden plank - not kidding here, there were planks that didn't make me cringe in this film - and the hero of the story is Taylor Handley, from Dawson Creek, playing a bad ass soldier coming from Afghanistan. Yet it goes further than this: the CGI is painfully bad, the dialog is pathetic, the direction is worse than non-existent, it's suicidal and the acting of everyone involved is abysmal. I mean, the best actor of them all by far was C.S. Lee, Vince Masuka from Dexter. That should tell you how bad the whole thing was.

And yet, if this would have had an intriguing premise, brought something new to the table, added at least some element of tension, horror, drama or at least comedy, inadvertent or not, I would have been OK with its existence. Instead it is a completely worthless enterprise. More effort has been put into fake comments on IMDb than in any part of the film.

Bottom line: avoid it like you would a toxin that is actually a virus that grows spores on the walls of buildings.

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