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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Petra Lumper 9 / 10

A journey into oneself

Most reviewers focus on the bizarre locations and interesting people that Johannes Grenzfurthner, the narrator-protagonist of "Traceroute", meets in his debut as a documentary filmmaker. That's interesting and fun and already way up on the scale, but what I find really outstanding is how he treats himself, as the main subject of the film. You might call it pretentious, but it truly isn't. Johannes is dissecting himself alive, and sometimes it almost hurts to watch. He is, even though he is telling it in an ironic way, very honest about his past, his interests, his politics. I mean, the film starts with his birth and ends with his (staged) *death*, just because he gets into a "nerd fight" about creationism. It's a never-before-seen finale in a "documentary" film, and very spot on. "Traceroute" is a film about accepting yourself, and others -- and this is beautiful.

Reviewed by MichaelJEpstein 10 / 10

Funny, poignant, entertaining

Traceroute is a wonderful journey through a life history that is very relatable for me. It explores various facets of nerd culture's evolution over the past forty years. It's intellectual, humorous, absurd, entertaining, and poignant. The production seamlessly and unapologetically blends styles, camera types, storytelling approaches, and content. It's a fun movie to watch and presents a nearly agendaless examination of the goods and bads, the beautiful and the toxic, and the celebrated and the outcast.

Reviewed by Nick Farr ([email protected]) 9 / 10

From the Command Line to the Highway

It's funny that I find myself explaining what "Traceroute" is, this command line utility that's almost as old as the Internet itself. Basically, it's used to show how your packages reach a certain destination on the internet from your computer.

Now I almost feel like using this movie to describe what Traceroute is. Johannes goes on a kind of coming-of-age journey though he's a full blown adult, tracking the origins and path of his own nerd personality through visits to friends, heroes and important landmarks throughout the US.

Johannes knows how to entertain using himself as the material as well as how to drag friends, associates and circumstances to round out the whole journey. Personally, I'm clamoring for a sequel!

(I'd give it a 10 out of 10, but I'm in the movie for a blink so it can't be perfect.)

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