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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 40%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 47%
IMDb Rating 5.1 10 2099


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by charliewaites 1 / 10

Truly dreadful

It's so sad when people write in saying that this is the best western they have seen or even the best movie ever. Since the start of the twentieth century many thousands of westerns have been made with hundreds considered classics and works of art. Will Traded still be watched in fifty or sixty years time? No, probably not even next month. It's great to be loyal if you're a friend or relation of someone in the cast or crew, but don't send movie goers off thinking they'll be seeing a Peckenpah, Ford, Stevens or Eastwood. There is nothing better than a good western, but nothing worse than a bad one and this is bad on so many levels. The direction, (if I slow it right down it will appear more arty) script, (must hold the world record for how many times the phrase 'son of a bitch' is used. Acting often very amateurish (apart from the actress playing Girl), and costumes and props straight from the hire shop. So many shiny new guns. Will the director be kind enough not to make any more. For me and countless others, westerns a too important and you're giving them a bad name.

Reviewed by dgefroh 1 / 10

Traded should be traded for a root canal

The rating currently on IMDb is so out of wack on this terrible movie, I'm questioning if this site is now really worth checking prior to watching a movie. Those that rate this trite as anything other than awful should be avoided, they either did not watch this so called movie or they may be investors or have some skin in the game and are trying to artificially inflate the rating.

The story is so predictable I wonder if the writer has ever had an original idea in his life. Well then, you say if the writing is terrible, how about the acting? I've seen better acting at grade school productions, wooden stiff unemotional go through the paces so called acting makes this almost unbearable, but wait it gets ever worst, the dialog is so corny and unrealistic the only answer is to hit the fast forward button.

To say this is a complete and total waste of your time, money, and brain cells goes without saying, Traded should be avoided and movies like this should be barred by law, have a wall built around them, and banded from entering the USA, your movie theater, or TV.

Reviewed by Alex Still 9 / 10

Great western movie!

As a kid I loved watching western movies, and that didn't change much so far. The only problem, it is hard to find a good western these days. Luckily "Traded" is one of them. First, to all the people that didn't watch the movie, don't listen to the critics... if you are a true western fan you will like the movie. It has a little bit of everything, Kris Kristofferson!!! as a retired gunslinger, revenge, nice western ambiance, suspense and awesome actions scenes. Even Trace Adkins (famous American country music singer) acts in the movie making him more authentic. Overall I have highly enjoyed watching this decent western movie and I give it a 9 star rating!!!

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