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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dale-51649 9 / 10

Dark, entertaining, not wholly believable

I am a big Brit flick/Mic flick fan, so when I stumbled on this find I was instantly hooked. A couple of 'yuppie mics" loose they're jobs at a bond trading firm, and the fat one comes up with a scheme to make a lot of jack. There is a catch though (isn't there always?), you could easily die doing it.

The boys decide to go to the Dark net, and arrange a fight to the death-winner take all MMA style knife fight dual. The cooler one , sort of a younger ,better looking stephen Rea type, is quite good at it (woudnt you have to be?)

The cool thing about it is, it is so original and twisted that you literally don't know what is going to happen. There is a love interest, a sort of not too bad looking Irish version of a trailer park pretty ,but they don't go all American style smash your face into it. The gal doesn't even boss him around.

The great thing about this film is, it actually has suspense. For an American who has been force fed Lifetime channel "it's for the children" formulas for so long we are perpetually nauseated, it was really refreshing. If you are looking for something well acted, different, and most of all non pandering, you will love it.

Reviewed by tsevatt 8 / 10

I'm Tired of These Films: Well Made, Nothing to Say...

I had low expectations based on this film's rating and synopsis but was pleasantly surprised. The plot sounded too dark, impersonal, and unrealistic to be any better than your everyday shock-value indie horror film. However, the idea of ordinary people voluntarily meeting up via the dark web to fight to the death in hopes of doubling their life's savings was just too enticing. The narrator and main character Kevin Fox played by Killian Scott (who I've never seen before) really pulls you in by somehow making the whole world of p2p mutual combatants seem feasible among those who are in financial despair. Then, he takes you along for the downward spiral that ensues when such a world becomes difficult to leave behind. Some of the lines in his narration are so well-written, ironic, and humorously delivered that they alone make the movie worth watching. I hope to see more of that lad!

The film also has a way of warming you up before things turn too sinister. Once the ball gets rolling, the writers manage to mix in comedic relief without being campy. There is also good character development which sets it apart from other movies with similar themes. This is despite your initial rejection of John Bradley (Sam from Game of Thrones) for Vernon Stynes as being the pioneer of said "trading" website. Sit tight, because you will come to find Bradley is the perfect cast for reasons I can't disclose without any spoilers. It isn't receiving 9 from me only because most of the rest of the cast just lacked the blockbuster talent required for it. But a 6.1 certainly just doesn't do "Traders" justice.

Reviewed by amazon-77359 8 / 10

Like a good old fashioned British film, but modern.

I was brought to this via following John Bradly (GoT), who does a sterling job here.

Really good solid film without all the self-congratulatory nonsense that fills Hollywood movies but still with high production values. Despite the unlikely premise that runs throughout, it is shot with a bleak but engaging realism. The characters are developed and yet refreshingly, we don't have to suffer too much relationship nonsense.

The plot is pretty straight forward and while some might say it was a bit thin, I was content to just let it flow to its conclusion. I was initially skeptical about the main premise being a viable concept (even within a film) but the small scale of how it started actually won me round.

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