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John Bradley as Vernon Stynes
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Nick Lee as Simon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Lisa_of_Shades 8 / 10

Fight club... deadly version... almost as epic!

When I saw screen captures, I dreaded to spend 2h bored watching a dumb looking fat guy... but I'm glad that I overcame my prejudices because he's actually the most interesting person in the movie! His cleverness made it all possible.

A lot of people get fired and commit suicide because of financial ruin, so he gets the idea to fight to the death to win the other person's money... A lesser of two evils.

Oh~ How I loved to hate him and his plots, the bastard.

The main fighter is a more likable person in spite of being a bit dull. But it's fun to watch him kill.

It's an original way to calm people's frustrations by showing them a bunch of people dying, it's a nice change from slasher movies with a crazy maniac as killer. That stereotype is wrong, it caused stigma and discrimination against people with mental illness, most of them are that way because they suffered more than they could bear, but they wouldn't hurt others. I like how the movie shows that you don't need to be insane to kill, all it takes is a rational motivation... and even the "best" people can do the worst if they see it as their best option.

It was nice to see ordinary "good and proper" people pushed into desperation enough to try to murder... Showing that anyone could do it when pushed hard enough. It's easy to be a good person when everyone is good to you and give you good opportunities... And people pride themselves with mere luck... But if that help is taken away and you fear to lose everything good, you might turn out more evil than you thought anyone could ever be. One of the fighters seemed old and I thought that he had no chance, but the way he fought really surprised me.

Thank you for this movie. It made me laugh~ Thankfully I'm not that desperate yet. I appreciated this movie, and I appreciate my life a little better.

Reviewed by sparkas999 8 / 10

Great concept!!! Something refreshing!!! Loved it!!!

Somebody, in previous review, mentioned that the plot was straight as an arrow, but I have to disagree with that. I had no idea what will happen in the end, and it had plenty of twists, especially in the second half of the movie. New characters were introduced and disposed off, but each one of them had a particular part to fulfill.

John Bradley was in his character, close to the one of his in Games of Thrones. Killian Scott, I thought, did a good job, especially at the end.

The whole concept is refreshing and interesting. And I would recommend to watch the movie. 8 out of 10. Enjoy.

Reviewed by abadguy44 4 / 10

Shallow Plot

At first, the Movie "Traders" seemed to have a unique story to be told. After watching it, I left the theater very disappointed with how the plot didn't have any teeth. The idea that you could bet your life against another person and winner take all seemed interesting almost provocative. However, the simplistic way that it was done was boring and unimaginative. The script lacked depth and imagination with how the story played out. There wasn't any hook to keep you interested in what happened next because the plot was too shallow and obvious. The acting wasn't bad but the characters were one dimensional and underdeveloped. I highly recommend that you don't waste your time with this one.

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