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Daniel Radcliffe as The Dogwalker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jambon75 1 / 10

Unfunny, unoriginal, unbelievably boring.

No spoilers here, there's no plot to spoil and not big amazing scenes or reveals to discuss. Suffice to Trainwreck is a huge waste of time and talent. It should not have been such a bad film but it's beyond terrible. The humour is weak and practically every joke misses the mark. Lebron James is the best thing in the movie - he's the only saving grace. Judd Apatow needs to learn how to edit a comedy down to a short, sharp 1hr 30min as well. I shouldn't be sitting in a comedy wondering if I've missed a week of my life because it feels like the movie has gone on forever. I should have learnt my lesson after This is 40! I am sure fans of Amy Schumer will lap it up but if you're not one then steer clear.

Reviewed by Andreas Boldt 4 / 10


This movie is like a lot of similar type of movies; meaning movies that aims to challenge preconceived notions of "what a lady should and should't be like". It quickly becomes banal, predictable and irritating. There's no depth of character here, because you sort of get the gist of the jokes before they're halfway delivered. Having said that; these kinds of movies can and have been saved by good performances. Unfortunately Amy Schumer doesn't deliver that. I don't know why scriptwriters and directors hit the same creative pitfalls every time a movie like this is to be made. We get it: here's an urban girl with a modern outlook on life who does what she wants, sleeps with whom she wants and doesn't apologize for it, etc etc.. good, but then what? A movie needs more than just a cliché of a character, predictable jokes and bad acting.

Reviewed by jim_flowers 3 / 10

Is Amy Shumer supposed to be funny?

Is Amy Schumer supposed to be funny? She IS sophomoric, juvenile, vulgar, and crass. Seems Schumer's character, "Amy", was only interested in the number of anonymous guys she could bed and how many times she could say the F word. At times it tried to be a romantic comedy other times it was just about how raw it could be and wandered aimlessly.

Schumer wrote this literal "Trainwreck", which was most appropriately named! My wife told me to quit looking at my watch, but all I could think about was the end of the movie and where I could eat afterwards. Maybe it would have been more palatable if I wasn't so hungry, even a large popcorn couldn't help! Bill Hader was the sole light in this very dark tunnel. LeBron needs some acting lessons, he was really stiff, as well as all of the other sports "cameos". Colin Quinn was OK, but he's never been one of my favorites. Vanessa Bayer played the good stooge, their male counterparts at S'nuff were just filler and added little. Swinton's character was just a cliché.

And John Cena, what the H, he and Schumer's sex scene seemed to just be there for the "R" rating, as if this would save this Trainwreck! I mean, a thing the size of a p-nut because of roids, really, would the slut Amy have put up with that? All around, a huge disappointment and waste of time.

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