Trancers II


Action / Sci-Fi

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Helen Hunt as Lena Deth
Jeffrey Combs as Dr. Pyle
Barbara Crampton as Sadie Brady
Martine Beswick as Nurse Trotter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JimSthers 9 / 10

Enjoyable Flick!!!

I really enjoyed this movie, it had action, plot and some funny one-liners, what I liked the best was the amazing cast: HELEN HUNT, JEFFREY COMBS, BARBARA CRAMPTON, MEGAN WARD, MARTINE BESWICKE, and TIM THOMERSON. I think this is one of the best movies that Full Moon did in the 90's. Its a fun film, watch it.

Reviewed by ([email protected]) 5 / 10

Could have been good, but wasn't.

This actually started out with a good idea - essentially bringing Jack's wife back from the dead through time travel tricks, and bringing Whistler's protégé (in this case, his brother) to seek revenge and rebuild the Trancer army. But from there, the movie just suffers from a whole legion of little problems that are just noticeable enough, and they add up to just be annoying. First, while the drugs and the rebuilding the army make for a good sequel, the whole mental asylum/environmental front seem more appropriate for an episode of a TV series than a feature film. Second, the fact that Leena seemed to ignore the fact that Alice actually was Jack's wife who had died and instead treated her as just some woman he was cheating on her with was really bad writing. Third, could they have please not made Alice into a complete nympho, wanting to get into Jack's pants every other moment? Fourth, while a 9-year old girl sounding like a middle aged man is great comic relief, a 15-year old girl trying to sound like a middle aged man just sounds like a typical 15-year old girl. Finally (last one, I promise), what was the director's obsession with having practically every line be delivered right into the camera? Totally blew the storytelling.

Still, it was a good effort, and it's not like the huge nosedive that the series took starting with Trancers IV.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 3 / 10

Poor sequel to a low-budget gem of the 80s.

Since the 70s, writer/producer/director Charles Band has been responsible for literally hundreds of science-fiction, fantasy and horror B-movies. Some of them are wonderful examples of how to use a tiny budget to maximum effect; many of them are pretty bad. Trancers (1985) was one of those rare gems.

A Terminator style tale of time-travel and action, Trancers saw Tim Thomerson playing Jack Deth, a future cop given the task of tracking down bad-guy Whistler, who travels into the past by inhabiting the body of an ancestor. Whistler is capable of controlling other humans with his psychic powers, converting them into obedient zombies (the 'trancers' of the title), and attempts to alter the course of history by killing off the ancestors of the leaders of the future. Jack follows him to 1985, determined to stop him.

In this 1991 sequel, Jack is still living in 1985. Having destroyed Whistler, he has settled down and married Leena (Helen Hunt), the young woman who helped him succeed in the first movie. But, for Jack, things don't stay calm for long, and trouble appears in the form of Whistler's brother, E.D. Wardo, who is trying to build a trancer army.

Trancers II lacks the charm and simplicity of the original and is a huge disappointment considering how good the original was. The story is difficult to pick up if you haven't seen the first film (or at least not for a long while), and there is loads of unimpressive action and a few poor special effects. Gone is the inventiveness and wit that made Trancers so much fun; instead we get some cheesy one-liners and a script that feels like it was written on-the-fly.

About the only reason I can give for recommending this film to fans of the genre is the cast, which boasts many names that will be familiar to followers of sci-fi and horror movies: Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, Richard Lynch, Martine Beswicke. Unfortunately, most of them seemed to be having an 'off day' whilst filming Trancers II, and performances are mediocre at best.

The Trancers series obviously has its fans; four further sequels have since been churned out. Unless the quality has taken up massive upward swing, I can't imagine them being any good.

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