Trespass Against Us


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 46%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 35%
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Michael Fassbender as Chad Cutler
Sean Harris as Gordon Bennett
Brendan Gleeson as Colby Cutler
Rory Kinnear as P.C Lovage
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Karen 7 / 10

Another raw Fassbender performance

Another astonishing and raw performance from Michael Fassbander, who plays an uneducated father of the family desperately trying to unchain himself from his father's robber-gang. The brutal moment when you realize you are in under influence of something evil or bad, but you're incapable of changing things and you get mad at the whole world. But the fault is on you, because you weren't strong enough to free yourself out of the chains in the first place. You have the choice to change it now, you have obligations towards your family and you have to choose what is best for them now, because you've lost your chance to help yourself.

Reviewed by Alan 9 / 10

Very good - but you might need subtitles

Fassbender is a good actor as is Brendan Gleeson and the story is a good one.

It is hard to understand what they say & i am Scottish!! It's all gypo ( gypsie) talk and anyone from anywhere else other than the UK is going to have a hard time with this - subtitles needed :)

The story is a well trodden one - where the main character wants to change his life but is enmeshed in the culture he was brought up in and it's taking him down.

Some good car chases - even through fields!! Someone said it has no redeeming qualities but ultimately it's not Hollywood and there are no happy endings. A good gritty story with tension and a fair bit of action - food character study - Fassbender does a good job here.

Reviewed by Joshua H. 7 / 10

A Gypsy Criminal Family

"Trespass Against Us" is a British crime film directed by Adam Smith, and is about Chad, a husband and father of two who's trying to separate himself from his father, Colby who constantly drags him in his life of crime. I saw the film at the 52nd Chicago International Film Festival this year and I must say it was a very entertaining film to watch.

The film follows the conventional crime family story of son wanting to leave but father holding him back. Despite the film following a conventional narrative it was never the less a good watch. Michael Fassbender gives an excellent performance as Chad, and Brendan Gleeson is as up to par as the father, Colby. But I must say the kids in the film were excellent, they gave very impressive performances.

Despite me enjoying the film for it's characters, and acting, there were plenty of flaws I had with the movie. In the very beginning of the film we find out that Chad's brother was locked up in prison so the family decides to drive a car hazardously through the street which says "Free Bryan", Chad's brother. After that the brother is never mentioned of again and just felt like an idea that was tossed around and eventually forgotten of. During the "action" parts of the film the cinematography gets very shaky and it's very hard to see what's happening. There's also a character in the film whose name is Gordon who was just annoying, I didn't get his character other than he's the "crazy" guy. Finally, the last twenty or so minutes of the film felt very loose and didn't have any sense of what it was doing, I felt that the movie really lost its steam and was just trying to keep on pushing up the tracks.

Overall I really enjoyed "Trespass Against Us", it follows a very conventional story that we've seen many times before, but ultimately is saved by its performances by the entire cast.

7.5 out of 10 / 3 out of 4

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