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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gtylerpayne 9 / 10

Love the positive vibes and creative, colorful animation! Instant good mood!

I'm a 30 year old man, so probably not what the producers envisioned as their primary market, but I still love this movie!

Being a raver at heart, it's fun to watch these troll live in the ultimate psychedelic fantasy. With non-stop music, dancing, hugs, and trippy hairdos, these Trolls know how to keep it PLUR!

I'm not usually a big fan of musicals, but this movie has a nice variety of songs and keeps them short, fun, and too the point. Never a moment to get bored. Most of the songs are very cliché, generic, pop songs, but they are catchy and upbeat, so it's hard to complain.

Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake have great chemistry and put a lot of personality into the characters. I think they nailed it.

I feel like the team that made this movie did a great job collaborating between the writing, acting, and animation to create lots of really great moments for characters that a truly hilarious. Unlike most comedies, this one seems to get funnier each time I watch it. I can't get enough of the fun characters and find myself smiling throughout the day thinking of the great moments in this film.

Creative musical numbers like "Sounds of Darkness" perfectly complement hilarious comedy scenes like the encounter with M. Cloud, and lead me to believe that the guys who directed this movie have a lot of talent.

I'm surprised this film doesn't have a higher rating. I really can't think of what is not to like, but I'm guessing it's just one of those things where you either love it or hate it. I can see it becoming somewhat of a cult classic. I really hope it made enough money that we will get to see a sequel!

Reviewed by nicholas-179-871862 2 / 10

Will keep kids entertained, but grown-ups with critical capabilities will probably despise it

I very firmly believe that Trolls is the summation of cinematic garbage. It is only for one specific reason that I give this "movie" more than 1 star, and that is because it will most likely entertain your children. Where to even begin? At the beginning we are introduced to the main antagonists, the Bergens. It is rather unfortunate that most of the Bergens are more fleshed out than the main characters. Who are the main characters, you may ask? The titular Trolls. The Trolls can hardly even be called characters. None of them have any personalities, and I could just barely tell them apart from each other by their physical traits. There was ONE character I did not despise at the beginning, the character of Branch, a Troll who refuses to be happy like the rest of the village. This character was the only thing keeping me from falling asleep and completely despising this movie. However, he eventually is given a sob-story background, and becomes yet another of the cookie-cutter personalities infesting this picture like lice. In addition, the script is awful and generic, and the film cannot even decide what tone it wishes to take. Finally, my biggest gripe is that the Trolls are basically invincible. They are a community of Mary Sues and Gary Stus, who cannot seem to ever be harmed, even if they are repeatedly attacked. How did Dreamworks expect audiences to be emotionally invested in the narrative, when the main "characters" are never in any danger? I cannot recommend this movie, unless you wish to entertain your children for a short while.

Reviewed by erinsmitherman 3 / 10

Like a VERY long Disney Chanel music video

As parents we expect most movies we take our kids to, to be more for them and feel lucky if we get a few laughs. Trolls disappoints even mediocre expectations. It's totally reliant on colors, noises, and the singing voices of the lead characters. Many movies have adult jokes which children don't need to hear. This one has them, except they are not funny. The adults in the theater with me laughed at maybe 1/20 adult jokes. My son in the 7- 10 yr old range did say he really liked it, but when I asked him why his response was, "I liked how everyone was happy," and "the trolls." The moral takeaway that was slightly present was lost in the pop. There are plenty of kids' movies that the whole family can be entertained and even moved by. Skip this one.

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