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Cate Blanchett as Mary Mapes
Dermot Mulroney as Lawrence Lanpher
Topher Grace as Mike Smith
Robert Redford as Dan Rather
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ozjosh03 9 / 10

Smart movie, stunning performances

Truth is a thoughtful, subtle, quietly powerful movie - something you don't see much of these days. Yes, it's about the rights of wrongs of a journalistic investigation, part All The President's Men, part Shattered Glass. But it is also charts what has happened to news in recent decades, in particular how it has become a game of "Gotcha!", as the real issues, arguments and truths get lost in superficialities that better lend themselves to headlines and 30-second grabs, and how the news agenda is buffeted by politics, corporate demands and entertainment values. The films chief assets are a smart, snappy screenplay and an another astoundingly nuanced performance by Cate Blanchett. If she had not won an Oscar nomination for her riveting performance in Carol, then she should surely have been nominated for Truth.

Reviewed by chicagopoetry 10 / 10

The Truth Hurts

I rarely pay to see a film these days. But I do when I'm so excited about a film that I just can't sit around waiting for a copy of it to appear online. Such was the case with Truth. I remember the events depicted in this film well and they infuriated me. In order to get the media off his back and under his thumb, Bush set out to take down one of the biggest names in investigative journalism, Dan Rather, to make an example out of him, and Bush succeeded. This pretty much killed investigative journalism in America as nobody these days is willing to risk it all to tell the truth. It is probable if the documents that this film revolves around were indeed forgeries, that they were forged by the Bush administration itself and intentionally leaked for the very purpose of destroying Dan Rather. I find it funny that there are still Bush supporters to this day, even after all he did to destroy civil liberties in this country, but apparently there are as is demonstrated by all the partisan negative reviews of a wonderful film with Oscar worthy performances by Robert Redford and Cate Blanchett. This is one of the most important films to be made this century but just like the news it is bound to suffer from censorship from the media it is criticizing and that's why you'll only find this gem in select theaters until it's available for home viewing.

Reviewed by Tim Johnson 10 / 10

Gracious me, how political movies pull out the comouflaged conservatives

Diane and I saw this Hollywood production of, what it comes down to, a political script/story of arguably a tipping point in recent American politics; therefore, I am going to discuss the film from that angle regardless of how "university" the "HATE IT" commentators try to disguise their essentially political comments. I think trying to attack the film on essentially artistic grounds is a "front" and commentators should be honest with themselves and their readers; "I am a conservative GOP voter and I think what these two TV commentators were just a front for their own political views." I realise that some commentators came close but they failed to drag their views out of the confabulation in which readers find themselves.

The movie, the substance of which, need not be regurgitated in this poor comment; I believed the information as it was presented about Bush at the time. After seeing the movie I am totally convinced that our president did not meet the same obligations as the rest of his not so rich nor connected compatriots across America. Yes, he lied and fabricated all that nonsense about being, legitimately in the Texas Air Natl. Guard and anybody that believes he was is truly following a conspiracy brewed in Karl Rove's fertile imagination: it sure worked though.

It becomes increasingly obvious as the film rolls on that the reasons behind the public submission and the reasons that were manufactured by Rove et al got Bush a second term. Not only do the "winners get to write the history" they also get the media version of events accepted. It sure worked in this story.

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