Turkey Shoot


Action / Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller


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Olivia Hussey as Chris Walters
Steve Railsback as Paul Anders
Michael Craig as Charles Thatcher
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by EVOL666 8 / 10

Fun, Goofy, Weird "Survival" Film From Australia...

I gotta say that I got a kick out of TURKEY SHOOT. Just the sort of strange hybrid type film that I liked to see come out of the 1980s. Part sci-fi, part horror, part exploit film - TURKEY SHOOT pretty much has it all, and somehow blends it all together well, without becoming too "heavy-handed" with any specific elements. A bit disjointed and silly at times for as "serious" as the film seems to take itself - but definitely enjoyable...

The film takes place in the future (which at this point looks pretty outdated, and probably didn't look all that "futuristic" for 1982 either...) where a totalitarian government is in control and obedience to the State is all that is accepted. Anyone who dissents or disobeys is sent to a camp for "deviants" for reprogramming. Camp Thatcher (named after the Head of the camp) is supposed to be the worst-of-the-worst as far as the camps go, and a new group of deviants, including a timid (but smokin') female, another girl who's a little tougher, and a guy who is all about anti-establishment and has escaped other camps before, are subjected to the hardships and torture that Camp Thatcher has to offer. To keep things interesting, Thatcher comes up with a MOST DANGEROUS GAME-style amusement - hunting prisoners. The new recruits along with two others are chosen, and are freed as game - under the agreement that if they can avoid death til sundown - they're free to leave the camp as rehabilitated citizens...but of course it's not quite that simple...

TURKEY SHOOT is action-packed, violent, and a bit gorier than I would have expected - all good things. The whole rehabilitation and behavior modification camp was actually unnecessary to the storyline for the most part, but it worked in the context of the film. There are some silly things that I have no idea why they were thrown in (the "werewolf" circus creature, anyone???) - but what the hell - there's not a whole lot of rhyme-or-reason to this film, it's just a good time with an excuse to show a bunch of gratuitous violence and a titty or two. Recommended for early-80s Roger Corman-style exploit/action fans - others will probably find it cheezy...8/10

Reviewed by BUTCHER-5 10 / 10

Very exciting and violent...

The "Turkey Shoot" is one of my favourite films ever.Original music by Brian May,plenty of violence,blood and torture and two gorgeous ladies:very charming Olivia Hussey(she is so sexy in this one!)and Carmen Duncan.Some of the scenes of mayhem are really over-the-top for example machete in head and many more.To summarize,this picture is very exciting and memorable.I would give it a perfect 10 out of 10,mainly for creativity and uniqueness.Check it out,if you can find it-it's rather difficult to locate this title.Many people gave it 1-don't listen to them.Watch it for yourself.

Reviewed by Scott-from-Modesto ([email protected]) 8 / 10

mean-spirited torture and stalking fun!

Turkey Shoot (aka Blood Camp Thatcher) is one of those films that really tickles my nipples. It's cheesy and ludicrous to be sure. It's supposed to take place in the future but I have no idea how you're supposed to be able to tell that because all the equipment and whatnot used in the picture is stuff that was available in the early eighties, save for a eugenic man-beast that sniffs out human prey. This truly is enjoyable stuff despite its many asinine characteristics.

Steve Railsback and Olivia Hussey are prisoners in a camp for people that tried too hard to be individuals in a future where conformity is strictly enforced. Railsback as always is your basic rugged bad boy hero and Hussey is an attractive piece of meat who gets fondled inappropriately. Camp Thatcher is the name of the place and the prisoners are miserable, so when the commander Thatcher offers some prisoners a chance to go free if they are willing to be hunted by his scummy staff, all involved take the man up on the offer. This leads to mêlées of exploding and/or poisoned crossbow bolts, guns, gore, and the aforementioned man-beast getting accidentally run into with a steel plow by his handler, thus separating his torso from his still kicking legs. Yum!

Turkey Shoot's a good dose of fun stuff, somewhat cheesy but that's definitely forgivable. The villains are especially villainous (like characters on Star Trek) and the good guys are mostly killed off! Give this Aussie-produced trash-fest a look--8/10.

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