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Dominic Purcell as Rick Tyler
Viva Bianca as Jill WIlson
Robert Taylor as Ramrod
Nicholas Hammond as General Thatcher
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by quincytheodore 3 / 10

Save your time, quit this game

Like a parody of Hunger Games parody, or utterly horrendous video game concept, Turkey Shoot is devastatingly unappealing. It doesn't even produce enough basic elements, such as decent editing or consistent plot. Furthermore, it tries to employ heavy core moral aspect with overly enthusiastic way beyond its incapable production. There's a slight gruesome action, though not well made and most likely won't even entertain fans, let alone casual viewers.

Rick Tyler (Dominic Purcell) is falsely convicted and then thrown into survival game for audiences' pleasure. Well, fake on-screen ones, certainly not real life audiences of normal people. There he must fight for his life and prove his innocence.

The movie tries to depict the redundancy of reality show with corny delivery like Hunger Games. However, it becomes actually unappealing. They repeated these faux news stereotype several times, and this is no doubt a torture to watch. It's not an overstatement that surviving this is as dangerous as playing the actual game.

With script and plot suffering with poor presentation, it relies heavily on the action, which will also disappoint. There's barely any continuation for the combat scenes. People would repeat the same motion as though they're lagging or the movie cut awkwardly and forget a few shots. You must have seen poor choreography where hits don't land, this movie takes it farther with random shots of random motion, then glue them together.

Even viewers with fortitude for cheap effect or story will waver. This is one game you would want to quit as soon as possible, or just don't start in the first place.

Reviewed by puffydawg 2 / 10

Not as good as the original

Whilst we are in the season of remakes galore, i stumbled across this remake of the original turkey shoot. Whilst this movie does try to do good and stick to a well known story of person gets caught, person get sent to prison, corrupt officials put person into TV game show for ratings, it just feels well lacking. it does pay homage to some of the originals characters ie thatcher the main antagonist in the original and to actor steve railsback it also is showing the original playing on a TV actually in the movie but no where near as good. go see the original turkey shoot, very controversial and was an R20 when it came out and was extremely violent.

Reviewed by constellationofcygnus 2 / 10

Oh dear...

The original Turkey Shoot is a fun Ozploitation film that rattles along at a fair pace and never seems to take itself too seriously. This remake is a po-faced turgid mess that is so badly directed even Uwe Boll would shake his head in disgust. Dominic Purcell can be good in the right role, but in this he looks downright ashamed to be here. And I don't blame him. The guy clearly needs a better agent. Long story short, he plays a wrongly convicted war criminal that is entered into a Running Man style TV show where he has 90 minutes to get to a destination whilst avoiding various assassins. And trust me that sounds far more exciting than it actually is. The film is a mess. The camera work is appalling, the direction is laughable, the script is infantile and there are huge chunks of narrative presumably missing. The action is badly filmed and choreographed, the characters are mere outlines and the acting ranges from poor to middling. Purcell himself seems half asleep. Not even worth a watch for curious fans of the original. Avoid like the plague.

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