Turks & Caicos


Action / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Ralph Fiennes as Alec Beasley
Helena Bonham Carter as Margot Tyrrell
Winona Ryder as Melanie Fall
Bill Nighy as Johnny Worricker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mch2469-955-827475 8 / 10

A great sequel or just as good as a stand alone film

As some will know this is a follow-on to a previous BBC drama called 'Page Eight'

You definitely do not need to have seen the first drama to understand or appreciate this drama.... However if you have it will help to understand a few of the plot lines in this drama... Namely... A better understanding as to why the lead is forced into working with the CIA operative and also one of the last scenes between the lead and his ex -girlfriend before they try to escape...

In addition it will also help with understanding the lead character himself and his motivations.... However I am sure anyone watching this without seeing the first drama will have no trouble enjoying and appreciating this quality work...

Overall it is a great piece of drama with a well written story and believe able characters... It isn't a Bondesque or other type of action spy drama and nor is it a John LeCarre type spy story.... But it is a great drama which allows you to get into the story and keeps you interested in the development of the characters and how they react to the evolving storyline...

I am pleased that a second film was made.. And if I am honest I do hope that a third is made with Bill Nighy.... I really enjoy his character and his gentlemanly methods and firm principles in an ever changing world....

Reviewed by ochichornye 9 / 10

Worthy successor

The first instalment of what has now turned out to be a trilogy, Page Eight, made me long for more and David Hare has certainly delivered. The second episode, Turks & Caicos, is perhaps a bit slower paced and less spellbinding than Page Eight, but it has all the ingredients that made its predecessor such a breath of fresh air: a carefully crafted plot line, believable dialogue, excellent acting, a total absence of fist fights and explosions and a willingness to question the path the Western world has walked in the post-9/11 world.

After his escape from England, Johny Worricker is lying low in the Turks and Caicos islands, a British overseas territory with an American currency. Big men with big money are thick on the ground and Johnny soon gets drawn into a mental chess game with them that threatens to expose some unsavoury secrets about the business aspects of the 'war on terror'. He soon has to fear for his safety again and re-engages some old friends in England to get to the heart of the matter.

'Turks & Caicois' grew on me after repeated viewing. Because of its slower pace and the fact that most of it take place on a small Caribbean island, it feels more like a good stage play than the other two parts of the Worricker trilogy. I relished the well-crafted dialog and subtle gestures and expressions of the actors so much that I actually watched the DVD twice on successive nights.

Reviewed by Derek Smith 8 / 10

A slow burning cracker

I was thrilled by the first episode and expected a lot from the second. And got it.

The acting was impeccable. It was so good I missed it the first time I saw it. It seemed so natural.

The pace was slow, steady and intriguing but there were little hints as to the plot, pointers if you will, all the way through. Don't miss a second.

I watched it alone last night - my wife was babysitting grandchildren - and I was so fascinated that I saw it again with her tonight. It is even better the second time around. She actually clapped at the end.

Nighy is brilliant, giving more information in a look that Skippy ever did. Yet he never answers a question.

My wife and I talked it over for about an hour afterward.

The third episode is awaited with some anticipation. Page 8 was brilliant and T&C has kept up the quality.

Well done to everyone involved.

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