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Johnny Depp as Guy Lapointe
Haley Joel Osment as Teddy Craft
Genesis Rodriguez as Ally Leon
Justin Long as Wallace Bryton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nomass73 1 / 10

Do not waste your money!!

Semi-Spoiler (But not really)

Horrible movie, My wife and I walked out before the end. First it was boring with predictable jokes and plots. Then after a half hour you just get to listen to Justin Log scream for the rest of the movie.... That I saw anyway!! Do not waste your time!!, wait till it's free somewhere. Truly sad, I am a fan of Kevin Smith's work but this was off the mark!

I hope the next horror movie that Kevin Creates is worth the time to see it!!

If you truly have nothing else to do and no where else to go and looking to waste money..... just burn the cash!

Reviewed by Puffer Bluntman 1 / 10

Kevin Smith makes Human Centipede

I haven't enjoyed a moment of this movie.

I am sick to death of torture porn and I'm sick to death of critics claiming these movies to be "social commentary" on all sorts of things. And man do critics love that sort of shtick, starting with Salo and ending with Red State.

And people saying that this movie is not to be taken seriously - you know, when a movie is bad, it's not necessarily 'ironically bad', sometimes it's just bad.

When something is funny - I don't have to pretend it's funny and go into it with a certain mindset. Like I don't have to look at this sick crap and pretend that it is somehow funny.

It's too silly to be a horror flick and too disturbing to be a comedy. It's like a bad joke.

Reviewed by mjschwar-1 8 / 10

You Will Not Like This Movie

The very definition of "not for everyone", Tusk is an oddball, absurd, twisted midnight movie that plays more like a demented fever dream than a horror or comedy film. I'd never recommend it to anyone I intend to ever speak to again.

Here are the reasons why you won't like it:

1) It's unexpectedly surreal, with little interest in the laws of reality, or at least modern medicine and police work. And it's not directed in an obviously surreal, arty fashion like, say, a David Lynch picture, which makes it even harder to wrap your head around.

2) It's got an odd tone. There's comedy, sure, but it's mostly a slower, more cringe- inducing variety than Kevin Smith is typically known for. There's suspense, and a bit of gross-out, but the film evokes more unease than outright scares, and the grotesqueries are more evocative of a nightmare after eating one too many sliders than, say, Saw. And it swings freely between the two with no warning at all.

3) You haven't seen Tod Browning's "Freaks", a classic bit of cult cinema that Smith has made references to in other films. In fact, you probably don't even know it exists. (Cinephiles will notice rather direct references to many of Kev-O's other favorite movies as well, including Silence of the Lambs and Jaws.)

4) You're Canadian, and your country and culture are No Laughing Matter.

If for some reason none of the above applies to you, may I recommend "Tusk"? It's oddball, gonzo, at times self indulgent and slow, but also occasionally very funny and strangely thought-provoking, provided you're willing to go along for the ride. It'll make an impression...especially if your short-term memory "isn't what it used to be."

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