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Jack O'Connell as Louis Zamperini
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Chris Hitchcock 8 / 10


I cannot understand the negative reviews of this movie ,are the themes of bravery,endurance and forgiveness outdated?It is well known that the regeime of Japanese prison camps was cruel to say the least.The acting of the lead players was faultless proving again that British and Irish actors can play the roles of Americans.I found the movie moving, inspirational. Yes it was violent but not gratious. Ms Jolie is to be congratulated on her directing. One question did the leads fast for their roles or was CGI used to give the impression of their skeletal frames.The ariel dog fights did use use computer enhancement as did the plane crash.I found this movie much more watchable than the much praised"American Sniper"

Reviewed by Abby Oliver 3 / 10

Where is the rest of the story?!

***May Contain Spoilers*** The story of Louis Zamperini is only half told in Angelina Jolie's "Unbroken." After watching a screening of this film I did a little internet research on Mr. Zamperini and found that his life post-war, in my opinion, was equally emotional, meaningful and film worthy as his POW years. This film, while beautifully shot, lacked the true depth of Zamperini's life. In the beginning of the film, Angelina Jolie goes overboard in showing the viewer his early life and his Olympic journey. Next up are the war years and POW torture. The End. In addition to not feeling anything toward Zamperini's chief brutalizer, the torture scenes were way too long. After a few scenes viewers will get the point that this man went through Hell. What happens after the war is where the real story begins and where "Unbroken" stops. Louis Zamperini's struggles continued for quite some time until he found God. This new journey took him back to Japan where he sought out his captors and forgave them. However, his nemesis, the Bird, did not want to meet him...but Zamperini tried. I would have liked to see more of Zamperini's post-war PTSD struggle as this is such a relevant topic today, culminating with his will to forgive which ultimately saved him. For those who are only interested in Zamperini as an Olympian and POW, then you will appreciate this film. I found this film failed to address the full life of Louis Zamperini and felt his wikipedia entry would have been a better guide for Jolie.

Reviewed by DarkKnight1954 3 / 10

Not that Good

I have to believe if in the hands in a more experienced director this film would have been much better than what is presented on the screen. The storytelling is mediocre and lacks the intensity that it should be considering what happen to this airman. I am disappointed that the script was so weak considering who had their hands in rewriting it. It totally lacks the normal Coen style, perhaps it was there and Jolie just could not figure out how to put it on screen. Now don't get me wrong, she manages to get the gore and suffering all right, but that is all we every really get. It would have been nice to see how that effects him in his later life and because we only see this small slice of his extraordinary life we are left wondering what the nightmares he survived as a POW changed him later and how he survived the nightmares he endured later on suffering from PTSD.

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