Unfinished Business


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 11%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 33%
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Sienna Miller as Chuck Portnoy
James Marsden as Jim Spinch
Dave Franco as Mike Pancake
Vince Vaughn as Dan Trunkman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Andrew Gold 3 / 10

Gratuitous and unfunny; a waste of a good cast.

I love gratuitousness in comedies. Movies like Harold & Kumar push the envelope so far as to what's appropriate to laugh at that it just becomes absurdly entertaining. I also love comedy in my comedies. Sadly, Vince Vaughn's latest alleged comedy Unfinished Business has all the gratuitousness you could ever want, but falls short on the funny.

It is intermittently amusing. And by that I mean a few moments make you smile, chuckle even, due to the ridiculousness of the situation they're in. The cast - Vince Vaughn, Dave Franco, and Tom Wilkinson - are fine. Nick Frost also has a small role, which should have been fleshed out because he has the most entertaining parts of the movie. The problem is the material just isn't good. The writing is choppy, uneven, and distractingly terrible. It would've been better for the cast to improv for an hour-and-a-half, that would at least be entertaining. The story here tries to tie together an explicit raunchy comedy with a homely family drama and a vain attempt at a business narrative that revolves completely around "the handshake." It just makes no sense, from a cohesion standpoint and a movie-making standpoint - how on earth was this green-lit? Who was the audience for this? Certainly not kids, definitely not adults. Who thought this was a good idea?

It's a shame because I really like Vince Vaughn. He is fine in the movie, as is the rest of the cast, but they have absolutely nothing to work with. Throwing all the boobs and penises in the world on screen does not make a good comedy. At the end of the day, Unfinished Business should have been left unfinished.

Reviewed by Kevin Tang 9 / 10

I've been there...

Away from the family, business trips extending, not quite speaking the language, being the undersized underdog with all the reasons to throw in the towel, and knowing that you are being led around, we've been there.

I have been the Mike Pancake inexperienced character and the main protagonist, and I have had the jaded and experienced Tims on my teams knowing that we're being led around, but soldiering on regardless. I have also experienced and/or seen variations of many of the situations in the film, too, at one time or another.

Unfinished Business had a good plot about the pressure and anxiety in doing global business, and the actors played their roles well. There were good one-on-one dialogues about "is it worth doing this?" and "why am I / are we doing this?", and those made the film worthwhile for me.

Saw the film on an air-plane...

Reviewed by phd_travel 6 / 10

Not that bad a funny premise and a good cast.

Don't listen to all the negative news about this comedy. It's not that bad. This comedy is funny in parts and the cast is well chosen. The small start up vs established corporation is quite relevant and amusing today. The team is funny with the retirement age guy (Tom Wilkinson), the newbie dimwit (Dave Franco who is great at this kind of role) and Vince as the guy struggling to get his new business going. Sienna Miller is pretty and does the ---hole boss well. James Marsden is good as the corporate schmuck. The filming in Berlin is fun to watch with it's mix of old and new and cutting edge. The side plot of Vince's kid being bullied for being fat is a bit overdone. Of course there are some crude moments like any comedy these days with it's nudity.

Overall worth one watch.

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