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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Saiph90 1 / 10


First I wish I could give this a lower rating 1 simply does not reflect how bad this film is, I wish I could use another word as it is simply not a movie or film. Ten minutes in and the only horror involved was my realisation that the whole film was teenagers screaming as they skyped each other. Laughable plot, girl gets s### faced at party and then s#### herself which is filmed. Girl kills herself, girl haunts their skype chat and each one dies, film over. 82 minutes of watching what at times appears to be an instruction video that appear on the web of how to use a piece of software, other times you are simply reading what someone types, how this cost a million is a bigger mystery than who shot JFK, it could have been shot over a day. There are films were I have got up and walked out only to find I am watching at home and I am standing in the garden in the cold pouring rain which is more preferable than watching the rest of the movie. This film makes them look like Citizen Kane, this by quite a distance is the worst I have ever endured.

Reviewed by uncrn_lvr-698-743090 1 / 10

Waste of money

I was under the impression this was a completely different film when my husband and I decided to try to see it. However, it wasn't long before my husband and I knew it was time to go home before the movie was over. I'd say we left at the half-way point and don't regret it one bit. Our only regret was wasting our money seeing this in the first place. Never in my life have I left a film before it was fully over (aside from the quick trip to the restroom.) Not only was this film predictable, it was horrid. It started off like what I was expecting, then turned into an ongoing Skype chat between the cast. I don't have anything against horror stories or ghost stories, but this was neither. No suspense. No build up. Just stupid. I have warned my friends to not see this film as it's truly a waste of time, film, and money.

Reviewed by begob 4 / 10

Mostly irritating

Following the suicide of a schoolmate, six skyping teens find their regular session invaded by a malevolent troll intent on revealing their dark secrets.

Well, it had to be done. I guess the editing of this is extremely clever, and why not try it on a standard ghost story? Windows layered on windows, real time typing and clicking, octobox web cammery, buffering youtube vids, pixellating feeds. It's more pure than Open Windows, but still it doesn't work.

First problem is it's just boring to watch information typed out on screen, even when the deletes suggest the character of the typist. Second is that information jumps around so much you worry you're missing out. And the webcams are so tight on the characters that it becomes really stuffy, creating a constant desire for the relief of wide shots and physical interaction. At the same time I did miss well lit, full screen close-ups.

The director failed to take a lot of short cuts - I really don't need to see everything typed, to have characters say What? to a clear question that then gets repeated, and a few other things. I guess that's down to real-time realism, but hey - it's a ghost story.

The story is OK, similar to Smiley, but the characters do become really irritating. The main girl and her boyfriend start out sympathetic, and there is an overall decay as the secrets come out, but I wasn't really interested, and of course we had to have macho guys shouting and gurning in full "Game over, man!" melt-down. Some of it was down to the limitation of the form - how are actors expected to react in a skype scenario? - but please get some better dialogue.

Music very limited, couldn't be woven into the storytelling - so that cuts out half the usual effect of a horror. The computer squeaks and beeps didn't add anything. A couple of weak jump scares generated purely through silence/NOISE.

The one sequence I did enjoy and which really suited the form and the story was the chatroulette, so that's something to think about.

Overall, it's worth a watch if only to confirm the computer screen is not the movie screen. So far.

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