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Liam Neeson as Dr. Martin Harris
January Jones as Elizabeth Harris
Diane Kruger as Gina
Aidan Quinn as Martin B
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Reviewed by socrates99 9 / 10

Not a bad action/drama - a good time at the movies

It's one thing to be told not to think too hard about what you're about to see, it's another to be helped enormously in that task by a skilled director employing equally skilled actors. All the principals here are in top notch form and, though I enjoy trying to measure how much license was taken by a screenplay, this film never once made me feel cheated or resentful.

Is it a brilliant film? Probably not, but it's devilishly entertaining. The action scenes here are matched by the quiet drama scenes and that's unusual. I don't really think either sex can really claim it entirely.

The director's done a very good job of creating the right mood and telling the story in such a way that the actors can do their work, unimpeded by unrealistic run ups to their scenes. This movie made me feel as if I've just visited Berlin much more effectively than any other European based movie I can think of and that alone is worth the price of admission.

Reviewed by simona gianotti 7 / 10

Involving and well interpreted action-thriller

The movie sounds intriguing since from the beginning and keeps its sense of mystery and intrigue till the end: this is a good quality, once reminding Hitchcock's thrillers, with the difference that in "Unknown" the thrilling aspect cannot be separated from the frenzy typical of action movies. The result is an entertaining, involving pic, never losing its strong and quick rhythm and letting the viewer staying attached to the screen till the end. Set in a depressing Berlin covered by snow, always marked by the sad signs of a more or less distant past, a good photography gets to capture the overall gloomy atmosphere of the story and the mystery of a character whose vicissitudes seem as much incomprehensible as much needing some resolution, and an effective final twist as well. Liam Neeson plays skillfully, although not always sufficiently expressive, he gets to convey the sense of void of someone looking for some identity. A stand-out performance is offered by Bruno Ganz and also Diane Kruger supports Neeson quite well. Certainly not a masterpiece, but worth the ticket.

Reviewed by andybac 8 / 10

It's all in the ending

An effective thriller with a good twist in the ending. Not since The Sixth Sense has a movie given me such a surprise at its ending. Liam Nieson keeps your attention fixed on the action throughout the movie, although some of his lines did not match the scenes or his character. If someone is trying to kill you, maybe some emotion would be shown. The car accident at the beginning is very realistic and makes Liams amnesia credible. The car chase scenes in the movie will also keep the action buffs happy, although the black car driven by the assassin is a bit too corny to believe . Bruno Ganz as an aging former Stasi agent gives a stand-out performance and Diane Kruger supports Nieson without the usual Hollywood theme of girl following for hero. Maybe its because Nieson is old enough to be her father. This film is no masterpiece but if your looking for a couple of hours entertainment with an interesting ending this will fit the bill.

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