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Wesley Snipes as Dean Cage
Kim Coates as Peterson
Mark Sheppard as Leitch
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gridoon2016 6 / 10

Story-driven action film with a touch of originality

Wesley Snipes fans expecting a fightfest will probably be disappointed with "Unstoppable" / "Nine Lives", since the martial arts quotient is very limited. But those who prefer their action films to be driven by their stories and have a touch of originality in them will probably like this more. The originality comes mostly in the form of the hallucinogenic effects of the drug that Snipes gets injected with, and the ways director David Carson merges illusions with reality. Snipes is believably haunted by his war memories, just as he is believably disoriented by the drug; an action star like, say, Steven Seagal, would hardly be able to handle this role. Playing a police detective who is also Snipes' girlfriend, Jacqueline Obradors is uncompromisingly tough, foul-mouthed and occasionally even unpleasant, and she handles it all with conviction. And Kim Coates always makes a dependable villain. The film also contains one of the funniest lines I've heard in a long time, precisely because it's so unexpected: "Hey, have you seen my pony?" (**1/2)

Reviewed by Sabah Abdallah 8 / 10

great action

i loved this movie, i thought it was really cool, a little different then the average action film, deeper at times and good plot. loved the character and especially the Flashback section when they want to burn Scott in the prisoners interrogating room ( the lead character's best friend ) how it goes from reality to what he sees in his mind. strong scene, didn't expect it... it really makes u get into Wesley's character. i liked also the character of Wesley's girl...kicked ass. there r really good action scenes and interesting scenes, a bit weird to the good side at times which again makes it a little different then the average action flick. kicks ass!!! i recommend it. Sabah

Reviewed by Joseph Pintar 7 / 10

Pretty good

I rented out this movie expecting a piece of junk. I actually got an involving movie. Wesley Snipes is good in this movie. The girl who plays his love interest (who appears on NYPD Blue and I can't think of her name) is also good. Snipes plays a former special forces agent who is mistaken for an assassin. He is injected with a drug that makes him hallucinate. His girlfriend is a cop who is the person he can trust with people trying to kill him left and right. This movie was obviously made on a low budget and it shows sometimes with some fake looking special effects. The plot comes dangerously close to idiot plot (where the movie would be over immediately if everybody wasn't an idiot)at times. However, you can't help but get yourself involved with this story. This beats the disappointing Blade: Trinity, which ended the series on a low note. This is worth a DVD rental. 7/10

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