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Dean Cain as Mason Danvers
Benjamin Hollingsworth as Joel Gainer
Kyra Zagorsky as Jocelyn
Michael Eklund as Warden Snyder
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Reviewed by Adam_West_as_Batdan 6 / 10

Far from great but you get what you expect

A low budget action b-movie extravaganza, nothing more and nothing less and it doesn't pretend like it's something more either so it works if you're in the right mind-frame and don't expect more than that.

All I wanted to see was Dean Cain as the good guy going vigilante-style and kicking some bad guys asses, and that's exactly what I got.

Could it have done without one or two twists? Yeah, could it have been a little tighter edited? Yeah, that too but overall a fairly entertaining movie.

I'm not a wrestling fan so I have no idea who 'The Big Show' is but he was better than you're average wrestler turned actor, at least in the role he was playing which was just a big bully bad-ass with a bad attitude.

I don't think he'll ever become as versatile as say 'The Rock' but hey, as far as this movie goes he did what was asked for, being the menacing bad guy.

It sort of has the feel of an Asylum-movie at some times (the movie company not the institution) but if it was an Asylum-movie it would be one of the better ones at least.

Yeah nothing amazing on any level but it served it's purpose.

Reviewed by Rick Martinez 5 / 10

If you like WWE you will like this.

I haven't watched pro/fake wrestling since I was a child, so this movie was blah at best. It was completely unbelievable in almost every aspect.

I must say that Dean Cain actually did a good job acting though. Too bad there was nothing else worthy. This review requires no spoiler alert because you already know everything that is going to happen :]

If you like to make a drinking game out of scrutinizing movies for their errors, make sure you have plenty to drink! But watch out because there are actually some very gory scenes for a B action movie.

I did give it a 5 because it was kind of entertaining - I didn't feel the need to stop watching. To sum it up... If you really like WWE you will really like this. You'll probably like it if your IQ is below 100 as well.

Reviewed by Hassaan Khan 1 / 10

Awful Awful Awful

To cut the long story short, I watched the movie by dividing it into 20 minutes episodes. It was unbearable after 15 to 20 minutes of continuous stupid acting. At least they should have chosen a better lead character "Hero of the Movie" to get 1 star more :P He was chubby, amateur in fighting, acting and was full of amusing loose ends. Lol The BIG show was way too strong for that poor chubby fellow and noway was capable of fighting stunts. And please do let me know that how on earth can we get all the power, stamina and strength by having a couple of push ups??? The Warden seemed to be the greatest "fail" on Earth who never gets to control neither the Big show nor the Hero...

Please do not try this at home or in theater :D

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