Vengeance: A Love Story



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Nicolas Cage as John
Don Johnson as Jay Kirkpatrick
Anna Hutchison as Teena
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Carlmarvin 4 / 10

How editing ruined a movie

Cage is his usual self. Not as cringy as lately, actually tolerable. The movie could have been good, but it is not. I suspect some other reviewers to be in the movie industry...or they just haven't seen that many movies yet. I give it 4 stars because the young girl is really good and the beautiful mother could have been edited to be excellent....BUT, this movie is the prime example of how NOT to edit a movie. Some of the scenes are waaay to long and downright unnecessary. But some of the cuts are so long (the mother in the hospital scene with cage) that it makes the actors look like overacting imbeciles. In one scene the beautiful mother goes through 5-6 moods/expressions. From scarred, confused, elated, relieved to sad and tormented relieved the same cut. And at the end, the dialogue follows the two actors by way to rapid cutting. I have never thought about editing before in my life...but this opened my eyes to the importance of that job. Got through about an hour, and just had to quit. I will think long and hard before I rent another Cage movie.

Reviewed by bikinibeach 2 / 10

Major Disappointment

I love Nicolas Cage. He has had some great movies and some duds because he marches to a different drummer. The only reason for this movie to exist is because someone was in love with "Teena". And Don Johnson did it because he could wear some nice suits and drive off on a Harley. Don't waste your time.

Reviewed by j_smith_7 2 / 10

Nic Cage's wig

Straight to the point - this is a dreadful film. It has all the subtlety and breadth of a 3-year-old child's crayon drawing. Without exception, the support cast are absolutely awful in this. Their performances are clichéd, highly predictable and as wooden as a 2 by 4. The direction is unenthusiastic and the editing looks like it was done using Windows XP.

The story-line is something we've all seen a thousand times before - only, even the worst version of this hackneyed story is better than this. Every prejudice you can imagine is wheeled out, beaten with a stick until it screams 'stop, stop', and yet, is beaten again. I know we live in age of the 7-second attention span but this film is a waste of 6 of them.

Don't go to see it. And, sure as heck, don't pay money to see it.

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