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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by iciclespark 10 / 10

Exactly What Fans Old And New Deserve

I've opted to go spoiler-free in this review because ultimately, I'm not writing to persuade existing fans. We're Marshmallows; we've already planned out how to see this film. No, I'm talking to the Kristen Bell fan who maybe saw an episode or two, or the complete Veronica Mars virgin mulling it over.

The Kickstarter element of this film not only established that Warner was dead wrong about a lack of interest in this film, but it also added a further level of creative obligation for writer Rob Thomas. Fans paid for the film, and with that came certain expectations about its plot. Let's get this out of the way now: Thomas delivers the film that fans deserve, without skimping on the mystery element. Lingering questions from the series are answered (some blatantly, some subtly). Beloved characters are back, including the smaller roles that made the series memorable (Deputy Sacks; Leo D'Amato; Corny).

Basic plot round-up: 9 years after the events of the series, Veronica has moved to New York City and is finished law school, having run from Neptune after her first year of college. She's reunited with old boyfriend Piz and they're now shacked up. On the verge of her first major law job, Veronica learns that her high school classmate (now a singer) has been murdered and her ex, Logan is being blamed. Cue Logan calling Veronica, as so many have over the years. What begins as a friendly "weed out the bad lawyers" favor quickly becomes a mystery Veronica simply can't turn away from -- one that takes her all the way back to those high school years she's wanted to forget. Present clashes hard with past as Veronica tries to exonerate Logan while wrestling with the woman she's become versus the woman she once was.

One of the strong points of the film is dialogue. Characters feel true to themselves. The quips and banter that defined the Keith-Veronica dynamic are in full effect. The film is peppered with in-jokes and self-referential giggles that flow in conversation and don't confuse those not in the know (mentions of Kickstarter and the FBI earned particularly loud chuckles in the theatre). The dialogue of Veronica Mars was always one of its highlights, and it was a happy homecoming.

As to the mystery of the film, it's more layered than a standard episode without becoming so tangled as to be deterring for a new viewer with no background knowledge of the show. For those who did see the series, I liken it to the complexity of the Dean O'Dell case, streamlined due to the lack of "case of the week" action getting in the way. Although, don't be fooled: the major mystery isn't the only action the Mars family sees in the film. That said, if you're used to Thomas' style, you will probably spot the evildoer fairly readily if you're actively looking for clues along the way, but the final reveal of the motive will still be a surprise. For fans of the series, it's the little details that make the mystery particularly special.

Cameos are used to hilarious effect. My favourite was Dax Shepard, although several stood out along the way.

For newcomers to the world of Neptune, the film is a great way to dive in and savour the seedy, noir world. For those beaming with Pirate Pride, it's a worthy successor to the series and a real reunion. My only gripe is insufficient time with Wallace, Mac and Weevil, but I do understand that budget played a role in that and firmly blame Warner for it.

A long time ago, we used to be friends... and the cast has brought it on.

(Word to the wise: there are three very good reasons to stick it out through the entire credits, especially if you are a fellow Backer.)

Reviewed by Mathias 5 / 10

4 / 10 for those that don't know the series...

... but 9 / 10 for the fans that love the series.

I grew up with all 3 seasons. However, while seasons 1 & 2 were brilliant, season 3 sucked to high heaven. The movie is definitely just for those that really missed the characters and just needed a fresh 107 minutes of Veronica.

The story offered isn't exactly water tight, but if you're a true Veronica Mars fan you will overlook the odd logical glitch in the story.

One thing that gave me a pleasant surprise was that it's still jaw-dropping amazing to look at Kristen Bell. Her cute and sexy voice/smile/attitude just makes you forget about some of the truly crappy storytelling in the movie.

That the movie has a rating of 7,8 (03/20/2014) doesn't surprise me. This is just purely a hardcore fan rating.

Bottom line: Veronica Mars fans will get what they deserve.

Reviewed by jedispyder 10 / 10

It was worth the wait!

This is one of the most satisfying movies I have ever seen! Then again, I am a bit biased since I helped back the movie on Kickstarter.

I was a huge fan of the show when it was on the air and was ecstatic to hear about the movie. It's been almost a year and we finally have it! It was well worth the wait and the contribution to the Kickstarter campaign.

For the first few minutes of the movie, there is a slight recap of the TV show featuring clips with a voice over by Veronica Mars. This is used not only as an introductory piece for new watchers but also a walk down memory lane for the fans.

As expected, there were plenty of "inside jokes" that were casually thrown out in dialog. What was brilliant, though, was the fact that they weren't obvious. They blended with normal conversation and were just added bonuses for the fans and for new watchers it was just another example of how great the dialog was. You don't need any background information about the show to watch this, you won't be left in the dark with the inside jokes.

The movie is self-contained but leaves space for a sequel in one form or another. Characters grow and change during the movie, so it's not just a movie to have a movie.

Characters from the show are brought back but not in a pushy sort of way. It is a large cast but everyone has a proper place. You don't have anybody from the show return for a only second, everyone gets good face time without it being overwhelmed.

Overall, I highly recommend this move to anyone.

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