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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stcanard5 2 / 10

Worse than the original and a complete waste of time.

One night, my friends and I were discussing the V/H/S series, and one of them happened to mention thinking about streaming the sequel. Having seen the first one (and being left unsatisfied with it), I decided to check this one out so I could give her my opinion on it. I haven't been more repulsed and let down by a film.

To start, the story line outside of the tapes is pretty much the same as the first movie's. There couldn't be another way for someone to discover the tapes? There's still not a way to connect all the tape stories together? That aside, my biggest problem with the movie is that the horror is not smart. There's no real psychological manipulation or realistic monsters. It's all just jumpscares and blood splashing around, because some filmmakers are still under the impression that abrupt loud noises and bodily injuries are scary.

The detectives in this film discover four tapes. One guy gets an eye transplant that lets him see ghosts...the only thing cool about this one was the POV being just like a first-person view. He meets a woman with similar abilities, and then they have sex to techno music and that's never explained properly. The next tape is about a guy who gets turned into a zombie in the woods, then he eats some people, then they eat some people at a child's birthday party, then the guy kills himself. A pattern in these tapes is that a normal person encounters something weird, pokes it instead of fleeing, and then everybody dies. Every tape ends the same, so there's absolutely no element of fear from not knowing what to expect. What's to expect? Everybody's going to get murdered, just by a different monster.

The next tape, I was absolutely enthralled by for the first while...it focuses on a group of documentary filmmakers who enter a cult accused of child abuse. I was so hooked to this one, until the first jumpscare. Then it escalates into a bizarre series of events, starting with children drinking poison, to people turning into zombies, to a really bad goat suit bursting out of a woman half its size. I've never seen so much potential completely immolated halfway through.

The last tape at least had one funny bit where a group of kids burst in on a couple making out, but before I could even finish laughing, the Monster of the Day made a foghorn noise. (These aliens also looked like Slenderman with a cartoon alien's face, pincher hands, and chest hair.) This short features ten-year-olds saying the f-word, a child almost drowning, a preteen boy masturbating on screen, and a puppy falling from a great distance that dies slowly while gazing sadly into the camera. That wasn't clever, that was needlessly sick. The maker of this short was probably trying to assert how daring and edgy they were, but it just made me want to noogie them and shove their head in a toilet.

The main tape ended with a woman turning into the girl from The Ring and a guy had an obviously fake dislocated tongue. I've got nothing.

As a final film fart, the credits end with the same thing the first movie did...a choppy recap with obviously manmade glitches set to something that sounds like early 1990s punk rock. After that, the technical credits are a way creepier text-on-black set to tape hiss. As I thought after the first movie, you couldn't just keep up the creepy mood and use the black credits? You thought the obnoxious not- quite-dubstep really added something?

What a complete disappointment. There was so much feedback on the first movie that the filmmakers could have learned from in this instalment, but they just did the exact same thing before, with old and new faults. This is one of the top five worst movies I've ever seen. If you liked the first movie, don't watch this. If you didn't like the first movie, don't watch this. If your sense of horror and humour are completely distorted, watch this, and then make an appointment with your doctor.

Reviewed by moviewizguy 8 / 10

Bigger, Better, Scarier, Funnier

V/H/S/2 is one of those rare sequels that improves on the original in almost every way. Everything is bigger, funnier, bloodier, but also shorter, with one less segment compared to the last film. However, less is more when it comes to this sequel. From the four segments that are included in this anthology (excluding the wrap-around segment), two are excellent, one is good, and the "worst" one is pretty entertaining, providing a more consistent quality of shorts as opposed to the first. Although I enjoyed the first one greatly, I must admit it doesn't hold up as well on repeat viewings. Nevertheless, whether you enjoyed or hated the first film, V/H/S/2 is a clear improvement, fixing some of the major problems that were in V/H/S. In fact, some might be glad to know the misogyny that plagued the first film is toned down tremendously here. Additionally, the less you know going into this, the better, so I'll keep my reviews for each segment as vague and general as possible. They are shown in the following order:

1. The wrap-around segment: Unfortunately, this segment doesn't add much to the overall narrative that was established in V/H/S. Everything is still pretty vague as to what the tapes are and where they come from. However, it's better than the wrap-around from the first because the ball gets rolling much quicker to get to the tapes that we all paid to see. 6/10

2. A guy gets a robotic eye implant that allows him to see ghosts. Directed by the talented Adam Wingard, this is the "worst" of all the tapes that are shown, but it isn't bad. There's an obvious gimmick here in the way the POV is handled, evoking the style of "Enter the Void," blinks and all, but it's entertaining and fun to watch as everything unfolds. 6/10

3. A guy rides his bike in a forest until he comes across some zombies. Just when you think the zombie genre is out of ideas, this segment provides a nifty twist to the situation, which I will not reveal. Although the idea is better than the execution, the segment is funny and very enjoyable, with an ending that will surprise you. 7/10

4. As we get to the latter half of shorts, things go into full throttle. A group of reporters interview the leader of a cult when things suddenly go downhill. Directed by Gareth Evans ("The Raid") and Timo Tjahjanto, this is the best and the longest of the bunch, running about 30-40 minutes. To reveal anything about this segment is a sin, but I will say that it's one of the best horror shorts I've ever seen. The slow buildup and expert pacing allows time for the characters to grow before all hell breaks loose, and when I say that, I really mean it. What follows after cannot be described in mere words, but trust me when I say V/H/S/2 is worth seeing just for this segment. To say the least, my visceral reaction would be hilarious to see. I was dying. 9/10

5. While it's obvious to say this last segment won't top the previous segment, it's almost as good in a different way. A group of kids have a slumber party when it's interrupted by extraterrestrial beings. Filled with energy, humor, scares, and incredible suspense, it's the most fun segment to experience. I was legitimately scared. While the previous segment is filled with dread and a sense of impending doom, this segment is more lighthearted and will make anyone giddy in their seats. It's like "The Goonies" with aliens, and boy will it have your heart racing. 9/10

Overall, I enjoyed all the segments, although the last two are easily my favorites. I seriously thought I was going to have a heart attack. It's clear the filmmakers are having fun and want to entertain the audience, and they've succeeded on that level. V/H/S/2 is a step up from the first, and if you just want to have a fun time in theaters, I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by Miguel Cardoso 9 / 10

S-VHS Improves In Chills And Thrills

S-VHS is the follow up to last year's V/H/S, and features a new compilation of horror shorts from different directors. The main story is about two private investigators who are hired to find a missing college student. After breaking into his house, they find it empty, only with a pile of TV's and VHS tapes, which have "WATCH" written on them.

This movie is shorter than the first one, but it's for the best, and whereas the first had 6 tapes, this one has 5, but each of them are better than the one's from the original.

The tapes are shot in a POV style, and all of them include crazy things like aliens, zombies, demons, etc.


TAPE 47: Two investigators search for a missing student, and after breaking into his house, they start watching the VHS tapes that they find. The story still can't explain how the tapes ended up there, but you have to just forget about that, so it get's a 6/10

CLINICAL TRIALS: This short is about a man who has replaced his eye with a cyborg-robot eye, and, for quality measures, the company of the eye decides to record what it sees for "quality checks". Things go very, very wrong when the eye starts recording ghosts of people around the house. This tape relies on jump-scares and is fun and scary at the same time, and includes a good underwater scene, so it get's a 7/10

A RIDE IN THE PARK: This one is definitely the most innovating one and is about a biker that's riding his bicycle with a GoPro helmet, which has a camera. Soon, a zombie outbreak occurs and trying to rescue a woman, the biker gets bit and falls to the ground. He then "wakes up" and the rest of the tape is the zombie biker chasing and killing people, along with the rest of the horde. This one has a very cool scene where the biker storms a birthday party and starts biting the crap out of everyone, so it get's a good score of 8.5/10

SAFE HAVEN: Alright, so this is the tape that you payed to watch. It is about an Indonesian film crew who is shooting a documentary about a mysterious cult that lives in the country side. The cult leader allows them to record, and soon, s*** hits the fan. I'm not going to tell you much about this one, because you just have to see it for yourself, because not only is this tape the best in S-VHS AND V/H/S, as it's one of the best short, modern-horror films that has been made. You may be thinking that this is just my opinion, but if you go read the critics reviews, they all say the same. Safe Haven constantly makes you feel uncomfortable and disturbed, as through the film, more gore and hideous creatures are shown, including a monster than will be burnt into your brain for years. Safe Haven is the longest tape in S-VHS, running through 40 minutes, but it's definitely worth a watch, and it's probably the reason the Blu-Ray will be bought for. Safe Haven gets a 10/10

SLUMBER PARTY ALIEN ABDUCTION: Alright, if there was an Oscar for "Best Movie Title", this one would win. Not only is the title of this tape awesome, as the actual tape has some pretty spectacular scenes. SPAB is about a group of 13-year-old kids that are left alone with their big sister and her boyfriend at their lodge while their parents are gone for the day and night. This tape is the most spectacular. This tape is shot through a very uncommon way: the kids strap around a camera to their dog, and he records the kids doing things like building skate ramps and provoking their sister. Things go bad when creatures from outer space storm the lodge and everything gets noisy and crazy, with the creatures chasing the kids, while the dog is barking and going crazy. This one is easily the coolest and had the most "WHAT THE F*** WAS THAT?" moments, so it get's a 9/10


S-VHS improves so much on the first one, not only on the quality of the tapes, as it removes most of the uninteresting stuff like the stupidity of some characters of the first movie. This is an anthology film, so character development can't be fully explored, but it's a good mix of adrenaline, fear and just pure fun, so make sure you watch this movie with a couple of friends, and not people that are snobs to this kind of films. You may think that I was overreacting with the "Safe Haven" segment, but trust me, I'm not. It is the best short horror film, and is the segment that you would think "Damn, I wish that was an actual feature film", so I'm pretty sure everyone will buy the movie just for that 40 minute film that's packed with scares, disturbing scenes and an incredible atmosphere that will make chills run through your spine.

S-VHS gets an incredible score of 8.5/10

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