Victor Frankenstein


Action / Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 26%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 41%
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James McAvoy as Victor Frankenstein
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by newgateport 1 / 10

waste of time

Im just speechless as i saw that this movie got a rating as high as 6.2, i'm sure that most people who gave it a high rating saw only the trailer at best.

let me tell you a little about this movie without spoiling and pray god that my English will be understandable, well what this movie is about is that you wait for something to happen and you wait and you keep waiting and.... it happens, but when it happens actually nothing happens, to summarize it two weirdos make something to destroy it in the end, exactly like a kid who makes a sand castle but in the end he gets bored and destroy it.

This movie is a waste of time.

Reviewed by Nicole Kit 4 / 10

Not worth the time

I went to see the film because I am a fan of James McAvoy, but sadly the movie did not justice to the amazing performance of James and Daniel Radcliffe.

The editing and script was so bad. Each scenes are very disconnected and scattered. It also feels very jumpy and certain places were not explained well. I especially hate how they use the title opening "Victor Frankenstein" as if it is a verbal line in the movie.. It was SO ODD!

The lines were also very cheesy and clumsy, which you just wouldn't speak to each other like this in real life. It was only of James' amazing acting skill that makes the movie barely watchable!

Reviewed by quincytheodore 5 / 10

Stitched together from archaic fable tricks, Viktor Frankenstein is an empty vessel at heart.

Perhaps the Frankenstein name is indeed cursed, there hasn't been a great Frankenstein based movie in years, even decades. From last year's I, Frankenstein to Van Helsing who only has it as subplot, all have met mediocre fate. Now armed with robust acting power and visual that oozes Victorian era, also a bit or horror and action attached somewhere, another rendition shares the same exact fate; cinematic tediousness.

A slight modification to the narrative is made, just like Sherlock the movie is narrated from the sidekick's perspective, in this case Igor's (Daniel Radcliffe). Aside from that, there's barely anything new that hasn't been done in similar or better fashion. To its credit, it's not utterly terrible in term of presentation, in fact the visual is rather nice. It's quaintly dark and electric version of last decade metropolis, Tesla would approve.

James McAvoy as the titular Viktor really tries hard on establishing the character. Given the stale material, he still manages to squeeze some emotional scenes as well as a good chemistry with Radcliffe in a bromantic kind of way. Andrew Scott from Moriarty fame, now plays the role of Inspector Turpin. He's the polar opposite of Viktor, conservative yet equally clever and ambitious.

Unfortunately, the far too familiar plot fails to produce any thrill, the strong acting prowess ends up rehearsing the same routine of mad scientist's banter. There's screaming, philosophical argument, faux science and slight mental abuse by the two leads. It's a lot of noise of little dramatic effect. Not that the script is bad in any way, it has occasional witty lines although any hint of humor or charm is muffled by the overly melancholy tone.

At some points, the movie tries to dabble in horror, action and even romance subplot. The atmosphere is already primed for thriller, but the shocking abomination is ironically timid and unmemorable. Action consists of a few scenes of slow motions repetition. Despite the production offering distractions, the main story line is very straightforward and streamlined, and sadly also predictable.

For all the star and flair, though they might be mildly amusing, the end product is a medium so lacking of life.

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